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You are a retailer or wholesaler and want to launch a good product in the market, or a customer finding a product of your choice, what will attract to at first glance? Yes, it is the packaging. The product is represented by the packaging style.

You are a retailer or wholesaler and want to launch a good product in the market, or a customer finding a product of your choice, what will attract to at first glance? Yes, it is the packaging. The product is represented by the packaging style. The cover of any product shows the details of manufacturers and the product like many of the natural product brands choose lighter and sober colors for the packaging. Also, the packaging is used to attract the target customer for the product. The color, design, styles, shapes, text, and prints on the package define the product and attract customers.

Packaging Material

There are many materials and stuff which are used o cover the product. The packaging material is chosen according to product type, material, market and most importantly the atmosphere where the product is going to place. You can use custom cardboard to shape your packaging or to cover your product. Some of the most common packaging materials are:

Paperboard: The material used for making cardboard is produced through wood and recycling paper. The material is strong and lightweight. The material is sustained through fibrous material. There many types and grades of paperboard which are used for different product packagings like cosmetic, medicine, tetra packs for liquids, frozen food items, and many others. The material provides a look of high-end material without such big costing.

Corrugated: The material is often known as cardboard. The material is based on recycling paper and it is recyclable many times. The material is used for product packaging for shipments, shoe boxes, storage boxes and etc. the material is durable, strong and reusable which makes it used in bigger spaces like shipping products and storage. There are different types of cardboard-like double or triple wall corrugated cardboard, single-faced cardboard and others that are used for different purposes. The thickness and potency of the material is helpful is product storage boxes, food delivery boxes, and retail packaging.

Plastic: A very well known material in today’s world. The material is available in different styles, potencies, weights and etc. this material has replaced some traditional packaging materials like glass, leather, wood and etc in various fields. There are different characteristics of plastic that can be defined or chosen according to the grade of plastic used for packaging. Durability, usability, potency and many other factors are affected because of the different types and grades of the material. Polybag is also a verification of plastic material. This material is lighter in weight but provides flexibility and reusability factors in packaging. The material is used to protect various food items, magazines, chemicals, and many others

Rigid Cardboard: Ever wonder what material is used in iPhone packaging or Rolex boxes? The packaging is a type of paperboard but much condensed than the usual one. The material is 4 times thicker than the cardboard but compressed. The material is used for luxury product packaging which justifies the cost of this material. The material is durable for delicate tings like your iPad or iPhone. There are many customizations that can be encouraged within rigid boxes like lids, compartments, hinges, and others.

Chipboard: Another verification of paperboard is Chipboard. This material is easier to shape, cut, and fold according to the product requirement. The material is lightweight as its parent material and use the same raw material that is recycled paper and fibrous wood. There are different types of chipboard which can be used for electronics and beverages item and even on grocery items like cereal and crackers depending on the quality and grade of chipboard.

 Foil sealed bags: The material used to protect flavors, crunch and prevent health benefits of a packaged food item like cereal, tea and many other flavorful and aromatic foods foil bags are used. The material is helpful to protect food from bacteria and the effects of the atmosphere. The material is used to package nuts, fish, cheese, meats, and many other things to protect from spoilage and prevent the aroma and taste of the product.

Packaging styles:

There are different styles of packaging used for protecting and covering the product. The types of packages include folding boxes, rigid boxes, trays, slide-type, mailer boxes, tuck boxes, and many others. Packaging styles, types, and material is used according to the product and the atmosphere where the product is going to be placed. Retailers have many options to choose their custom size boxes with different shape, styles, and materials.

The options of the packaging styles and types change according to the cost, product, and the environment. The factors are must to consider while choosing the material, especially. The choice of packaging styles for the products should also be done according to the target customer and their factors like age, gender, and class.

Some of the packagings are dependent on the class of the product like the rigid boxes mostly used in luxury items. The expense of the packaging is dependent on the raw material, manufacturing process and making of the material of the packaging.

Customization in Packaging:

There are many types of customizations which can be done to attract customer and make your product eye-catching. The text, colors, images, shape, and material all contribute to protecting the product as well as attracting the customers. The custom print boxes with logo can use images of ingredients and stuff used for making the product. Text can be used to name your product and make it recognizable through assigning a brand name. The packaging of the product is a way of marketing the brand and the product which means it should be attractive and recognizable to increase brand loyalty among the customers. Similarly, the colors and the graphics used on the packaging are based on the target customer. The look of the packaging is decided according to the age, gender and class of the targeted customers like the packaging for kid products is more vibrant than for the product for adults.

Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers in UK

There are many packaging makers and suppliers which offer satisfaction to their customer. These suppliers offer a variety of materials, customizing options and deals to the customers for ordering package materials for the product. The suppliers are available in offline and online forums which allows the customers to order and receive their demanded product from their home or office. The list of some manufacturers and the suppliers of the packaging and boxes include Saxon packaging, Box factory, corrugated box manufacturers, Aylesbury Box Company, Boxes, and Packaging. These are the names of online and offline suppliers that help their customers in choosing the best material, design, customization and many other factors for the product packaging.


The packaging of the product is an important step for the marketing of the product. Packaging not only helps the retailers to increase their sales but also helps the customers to choose their desired products, remember the product and brand and also in recommending it to others (that indirectly helps the retailer or the product manufacturer in marketing). The factors to consider before choosing the packaging style or material helps in increasing the life and usability of the product and the classification of the material helps in choosing packages according to the product classes.

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