Custom RFID Solutions

Custom RFID Solutions

Custom RFID Solutions

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification is a technology to encode digital data in special tags known as RFID tags or smart labels. These tags usually transmit data stored in them to the receiver or reader which reads the digital data and feeds that data into computer systems without very less human interaction or even no human interaction at all sometimes. RFID systems use radio frequencies for transmission of data across the tag and the reader.


An RFID tag is generally made up of an integrated circuit and an antenna held together by a layer of protective material. There are two types of tags, active RFID tags and passive RFID tags available in the market. Passive RFID tags are the most widely used tags as they are very compact and less expensive as compared to active RFID tags.


RFID Solutions have been able to provide various efficient ways to work to become more fluent. Time taken in tasks by humans and human error has been cut down significantly with the usage of RFID tags instead of older methods. The biggest advantage that RFID tags have is that they do not have to be in direct visibility with the reader, unlike barcodes which cannot work without being in a straight line of sight with the reader. This uniqueness has made people shift to RFID tags from barcodes and has helped them make their lives and their customers’ and employees’ lives easier.


The major areas where RFID tags were chosen in the first place were traffic management and toll collection system. In many countries, RFID tags were put on cars’ windscreens and readers were put up on traffic signals to identify the actual condition of traffic in that particular area and also keep an eye on all the vehicles which pass through the reader. In case of a stolen vehicle, the information taken from the car can be sent to police stations nearby. Traffic can also be avoided by rerouting vehicles into different directions for the smooth flow of traffic. Similarly to maintain the flow of traffic and control pollution while saving the time of the commuters, toll collection booths have also switched to RFID solutions for a non-stop collection system. Other industries and smaller and larger businesses both have started using RFID technology for their specific usage. Now specific usage requires specific solutions and specific kinds of tags which are made specifically keeping in mind the need of the user and what exactly one wants. In the healthcare sector, a patient’s medical history is kept on a paper or file which can easily get lost or damaged and it is also not available digitally. Usage of RFID tags help keep track of the medical history of the patients and can be accessed accordingly by the authorized person. Tags can also help maintain the data of medicines and their stock. Every industry requires different kinds of tags which are needed in different shapes and sizes accordingly. Hence companies providing RFID solutions provide custom RFID tags for a person or an organizations specific requirement. Custom RFID tags are also used by schools and universities for specific uses like maintaining the attendance of students and teachers. Tags can also be put on library books and they can be issued with the help of RFID technology.

Custom RFID Solutions emphasize on the customers’ needs and are made according to the exact requirement of the customer. Some companies have provided RFID solutions to be put up on golf balls used in certain tournaments to measure the exact distance the ball travelled and the location of the ball.

The use of RFID tags and the overall area where this technology can be used is limitless. It all depends on the need of the customers and the technology providers as to how far they are willing to go to provide you with the exact RFID tags that would be apt for your business. It can be anything from tracking tools in a garage, maintaining stock data at a store, keeping track of clothes and accessories at a store. Everything requires specific custom made RFID tags that can easily be provided by RFID manufacturers and can help boom and secure your business.

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