Evolution of Bill Payments to Mobile Vans In India

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The past decade has been revolutionary with government schemes, initiatives to mold the bill payment sector through a single unified payment portal for Landline Bill Payment Online. This initiative was futile as India is a cash-dependent country and the huge mass of the population is still unaware of the digital opportunities that quantum of the urbanites are enjoying. The rural sector in India is highly dependant on cash as it provides the control of the transactions and provides immediate confirmation of the payment procedure.

A decade ago, the bill payment like Prepaid DTH Recharge process required people to travel long distances, preferably on a weekend, only to be met by a frustratingly long line of the queue and equally frustrated cashiers that are continuously handling the queue, crowd, and the fight. it was a whole new experience. But things have changed since the National Payment Corporation of India created ripples through a series of regulatory payment procedures lie UPI, BHIM, and BBPS.

BBPS acronyms for Bharat Bill Payment System in India is an RBI conceptualized and driven by NPCI is a payment system that provides a single, interoperable, easily accessible bill payment modes across geographical regions with the assurance of secure, easy and efficient platform. BBPS is a two-tiered structure with BBPOU( Bharat Bill payment operating units) and the biller unit consists of all the billers that are spread across the RBI approved categories of Electricity, Water, Gas( piped and LPG), DTH, Telecom( broadband, mobile, and landline).

After the demonetization that sheds light on the importance of the requirement of the alternate bill payment system for making panaji electricity bill payment or any other bill payment in India devoid of the traditional cash payments surged a new wave in the market. And through the government initiatives like UPI and Digital India and Make in India, there were many start-ups that innovated many online digital payment platforms through the websites and application intended to reduce the turn-around-time of the biller’s website and increases efficiency through the queue clearing.

One such start-up is XIPHIAS XPay Life Pvt Ltd which is expanding the bill payment sector by providing a full-spectrum of bill payment services for categories like Bill Payment for Gas, electricity water etc.through a mobile app, web, ATP kiosk, POS machines, and Mobile Vans. Even though there are many players in the country that are competing for creating a platform feasible for PAN India digitization.

Even though the government has provided a saubhagya yojna for the provision of electricity to the remotest village. But bill collection has been a colossal challenge as the billers own counters are located kms away from the villages and hence there was no proper scheme or technology for streamlining this bill payment. But through the Mobile Vans which is first of it’s kind India that is equipped with the bill payment kiosk that accepts cash as a bill payment mode for Water bill payment and makes the process digital as it is approved by BBPS. it also consists of the mini-ATMs that aids in the cash withdrawal thus bringing the ATMs to the rural remote villages. It also works for a social cause by providing free condoms and sanitary pads through the vending machine stationed at the back of the mobile van thus encouraging people to make the transaction through the van and make it digital.

Hence there is provision for last mile bill collection thus empowering India digitally. The POS machines act processes bill payment through the third party handled devices that increase the employment rate and also the accessibility of BSNL broadband postpaid bill payment in India.

XPay.Life is providing integrated services to the citizens through enhanced Speed, Convenience, Certainty and Accountability in providing such services through the concept of a 'One-Stop-Shop' facility for all recurring payments.

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