Migrate Exchange Server to Same or Different Domains

Now Move Your Exchange Server to Office 365 or shift from On-premises Exchange to Hosted Exchange without any problem.

Exchange Administrators faces many issues while moving server’s with-in domains or cross domains. Moving the entire server is a complicated task when it is done manually. The Exchange Server has mailboxes which hold the data of the user and this data should be kept carefully before migrating. Kernel Migrator for Exchange is a tool that allows moving files easily. This specialized software has many advantages that support Hosted, On-premises and Exchange to Exchange migration.

The Exchange Migration Software supports migrating files from within the same domain, cross-domain and cross-forest. The migration type for the software is classified as

Same Domain Intra Forest Migration: This is moving files from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007/ 2010, Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 and following the series up to Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2019.

Hybrid Server Migration: Hybrid migration means moving from Office 365 to Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange Server to On-Premises Exchange Server. It is generally moving files to and from between Exchange Server, On-Premises Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365.

Cross-Forest: The tool can also be used to migrate files from Exchange Server to different domains and directories.

Thus whichever type of server you are using the Exchange tool can migrate files easily without any problem. The software has various advantages like

Features of Migrator for Exchange Server

Planning before Migration: The software has a Pre-Migration Analyzer which informs the user about the migration type, possible time duration and other parameters. The tool analyzes the details by looking at the server type, network connection and other factors.

Exporting Public Folders: Public Folders accommodates data of a large number of users. It contains various files and folders that make the file sharing easy, however during migration it is most vulnerable, but the Exchange Server Migration tool takes complete care to avoid any issues and restrict migrating duplicate content.

Data Moves to Targeted Destination: Migrator for Exchange ensures that the server selected moves directly to the targeted destination. It maps the path between source and destination automatically using a CSV file.

Exchange to Exchange Server: Most of the time user needs to shift to a latest version of Exchange Server, so, if an organization is using Exchange 2013 and wants to shift to Exchange 2016, then this Server Migration tool would be best. The migration gets competed without any disruptions to end users.

Schedule Migration: There is a time when the server is at its full functionality mode and migrating at that particular time could be risky. Exchange Server Migrator lets admin schedule the migration process. The time can be set to a particular day and it will automatically move the files.

Efficient Server Migration by Sharing: The tool allows sharing the load of migration among the network computers. These computers act as an agent which begins the transfer process when they get enough resources from the server.

Move Outlook Profile: The Server Migration tool performs migration of rules and folder permissions. It can be done in three-different ways mapping files in CSV format, or mapping user SID’s or mapping by username.

Limits/ Permissions File Migration: The software not only migrate the data in mailboxes and public folder but the permissions set by users also get moved. Administrative rights, client permissions, message restrictions all the conditions that are set also gets migrated by the Server Migration Tool.

Reverse Migration: Most of the time what happens that admin migrate the server to different server, or the Exchange server that was supposed to be moved is replaced with another one, so if any type of this file gets migrated, then reverse the process with rollback option. The entire mailbox migrations, public folder migrations, GAL synchronizations, can be rolled back without any problem.

Compatibility: The Exchange Server Migration Software is compatible with Exchange Server 2000 to Exchange 2019 and it can be installed on Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP.

Try the Exchange Server Migration Tool to move Server from one domain to other or to upgrade to new version.

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