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Analysis And Opinion On The Host Dhaka Colo In 2020

This article about Dhaka Colo's hosting system, test and opinion.

A website is no longer an accessory for businesses, but rather a necessity. Even if it's not for online business, your visibility depends on it. But to get there, you will have to find the right host, capable of supporting the volume of traffic and the security functions you need. Here we invite you to discover our opinion on Dhaka Colo in 2020.


• Eco-friendly host

• Price competitiveness

• 30 days money-back guarantee


• All services are in English

• Most data centres are in Europe

• Slightly misleading refund policy

• Prices increasing after 1 year 

About the web host

Dhaka Colo is a web hosting provider. This company capitalizes on a decade of experience in the sector, with several distinctions to its credit.

It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Dhaka. Today, this company has expanded around the world. Indeed, it has more than 35,000 customers for more than 300,000 hosted sites.

Its vision is to offer its customers a better hosting experience. As a supplier, the company has designed its platform to meet your expectations as much as possible.

It intends to provide accommodation services at lightning speed without harming the planet. Most of the energy used by website servers comes from fossil fuels.

Given that there are tens of millions worldwide and the growth of web services, this provider remains concerned.

So, with its reputation as a green company, Dhaka Colo is committed to leaving a positive energy footprint. More than 615,000 kWh / year of energy is replaced in the form of wind energy.

Throughout our opinion, we will check its performance, prices and the reliability of its services before giving our final opinion. But first, let's take a look at the pricing grid offered by this hosting provider. Tariffs can probably catch us ... as they can be repulsive.

Is Dhaka Colo pricing the best?

The pricing and plan structure is very different. The rates vary depending on the type of package you plan to subscribe to. Let's discover in the context of this Dhaka Colo notice, the following details of the different plans offered by the company.

Shared hosting

At 2.60 € / month, you will be able to obtain the "Eco site Lite " offer, a basic formula for starting your project.

Over time, if your site is growing to the point of needing more resources, "Eco site Pro" becomes the right solution. This formula is available at € 5.24 / month. The most advanced offer of shared hosting is "Eco site Premium". It is available at 10.52 € / month.

Any use of the account is offset by 300% of renewable energy credits. You also have a series of functionalities including unlimited MySQL Databases, an unlimited number of subdomains, managed domains and scalable resources. What about the WordPress formula? The answer in the lines to follow.

WordPress hosting

This American company also offers WordPress hosting. Except for a few features, this plan is almost identical to shared hosting. The three formulas contained in this category have the same names and are at the same prices as shared solutions.

You must plan a minimum of € 2.60 / month and a maximum of € 10.52 / month to subscribe. This will allow you to get the latest version of WordPress with an automatic update.

Reseller Hosting

This formula differs from WordPress hosting and shared hosting that we were able to present to you earlier in this Dhaka Colo notice.

The first of the five options is "Reseller 10" which is available at € 17.56 / month. The most advanced offer in this category is € 52.76 / month and is called "Reseller 50". The features are focused on simple management.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are slightly cheaper. "Datacenter in Bangladesh", that is to say, the basic formula in this category is 148.74 € / month. It gives the right to 2 GB of DDR memory, 500 GB SATA disk, 5 IP addresses and 10,000 GB. The most advanced “ Pro server” offer is sold at € 386.36 / month and guarantees you 16 GB of DDR memory 3 as well as 1000 GB of SATA disk.

VPS hosting

There are five VPS plans in this hosting range. The basic plan is € 35.16 / month and entitles you to 25 GB of disk space, 1 GB of RAM and 1 TB of bandwidth. The high-end plan costs four times more, i.e. € 140.77 / month.

This entitles you to 125 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM and monthly data transfers limited to 3 TB. You can take advantage of these different offers, free SSL encryption, free email accounts, various options storage and many "unlimited " features.

The money-back guarantee

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can, therefore, try the products for 30 days without obligation. The company does not charge extra for this. Cancellation within the first 59 days of your registration gives the right to a full refund.

However, our test revealed that, regardless of the time of cancellation, you will not be able to get a refund on your domain registration fees.

The pricing grid is affordable, especially when you stick to the rates, the diversity of products. On the other hand, even if these rates can benefit a part of the clientele, they are not very competitive compared to Hostinger for example which offers a basic formula at 0.71 € / month. Better, the host PlanetHoster offers more resources on certain plans.

During our review and test of Dhaka Colo in 2020, we noticed a lack of transparency about the money-back guarantee. Pricing is not what it seems and guarantees are difficult to validate.

What features are offered?

The operator offers diversified plans. These plans take into account bandwidth, storage, e-mail accounts as well as the MySQL databases included.

However, we are tempted to try to check the content to see if the features are solid and reassuring. So let's move on to checking all of this as part of this Dhaka Colo review and test in 2020.

Domain name

Apart from the basic formula "Eco site Lite" which gives the right only to a domain name, the rest guarantees you "unlimited". Also, the company allows you to register a new domain name or to transfer an existing domain name for free.

Unlike other hosts that offer free domains for a single year, you can renew your domain name as long as you continue to use their services.

Despite this free service, if you want to buy one, a .com domain name costs you, for example, at € 12.28 / month. On this aspect, our opinion concerning Dhaka Colo in 2020 is correct.

The practise is common in the sector, even if other suppliers like PlanetHoster and Hostinger can offer them at more affordable prices. Now, if you want to know about the available disk space, it's in the rest of our review.

Disk space

The hosting company offers "unlimited" SSD storage for shared hosting, WordPress and reseller hosting. The number of storage services listed as "unlimited" is impressive. However, "unlimited" may not mean "infinite". It remains to be seen whether this suits your needs.

Compared to data center service providers in Bangladesh, disk space varies from 25 Gb to 125 Gb. But the supplier does not do better compared to its competitors.

About unlimited disk space, PlanetHoster, for example, offers much more comfortable options for storing a site of a large company. On this aspect, our opinion on Dhaka Colo in 2020 is logically mixed.

Adresse e-mail

The number of email addresses offered is also unlimited. On this point, the supplier is registered in the same register as other hosts including Hostinger. You can, therefore, create as many as you want. This is the case at PlanetHoster. Thus, the company marks a good point on this aspect of our opinion.


As in the case of the disk space aspect and the e-mail address, the MySQL databases are unlimited. It is a free and open-source relational database management system. MySQL is known for its speed, reliability and flexibility. By zooming in on the functionalities, we see that the “unlimited” option is dominant.

Thus, these databases are up to the proposed prices. But we will have to make the prices clearer. We will address another aspect of our opinion on Dhaka Colo in 2020, namely performance.

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