Theme Ideas To Consider In 2019 For A Fabulous Sangeet Ceremony

In this article, we will discuss the unique themes to consider while planning your sangeet ceremony in 2019.

Sangeet is one of the most fun-filled ceremonies of the Indian and Pakistani wedding. It is one of the pre-wedding events which are celebrated with full enthusiasm by both the parties during the wedding. The Sangeet ceremony is celebrated a few days before the wedding day where the families and friends from both the side i.e., bridal side and groom side come together and perform a dance on their favorite songs. Just like any other pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement and Mehndi, Sangeet night should also be unique.  Here are the few themes which you can consider while planning your sangeet ceremony. Let’s see those awesome themes one by one:

  1. Bollywood

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Bollywood has a massive influence on Indians. We all have grown up listening to those rocking sangeet dance and songs like ‘didi tera dewar’ from ‘hum aapke hain kon’ To ‘Nachde Ne Saare’ from ‘Baar Baar Dekho.’ Have you ever wondered how it would be like throwing a sangeet night in a Bollywood style?  Yes, it’s one of the great ideas to consider for your sangeet. It’s not only going to be easy to organize, but all your friends and relatives are going to love it.  

  1. Fairy tale

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The fairy tale is something that some of the girls/women want. If it’s a ladies sangeet night, then you must consider this idea for your sangeet ceremony. You may also choose color combination like blue and white or pink and white for the decoration and other things. You may also follow this for the theme dress code for the party and ask your guests to follow the dress code.  

  1. Night

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Darkness with stars on the sky and colorful flashlight is a dream theme of many folks for their wedding and sangeet ceremony. If you wish to have a romantic sangeet ceremony to make the most beautiful memory out of it, then you must choose this theme for your sangeet or even engagement ceremony.      

  1. Retro

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“OLD IS THE NEW GOLD” is what happening with retro. The retro theme is the theme where we celebrate our present with past touch. If you wish for the joyous and loud celebration, then you can choose this theme. You can want to wear a dress which was popular in that era. It can also help your grandparents to recreate the memory.

  1. Winter

Source: Bridal Guide

If you are the winter loving person, then you must choose this theme. This theme is suitable if you are getting married in the summer season. This theme will give the coolness to get rid of the summer heat and enjoy the ceremony. This theme will give a romantic touch to your celebration with your life partner to be.

  1. Golden