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This article about, Samsung Galaxy A50 and Its improvements battery charge.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 receives an update with improvements that will add performance to the battery. We tell you what else it brings.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of the star devices of the Samsung catalog, within the famous Galaxy A series. Currently, you can get it for less than 300 euros and the truth is that it is an excellent opportunity for those who do not want to miss the Samsung's best features, but which in turn do not have the slightest intention of spending a fortune on the purchase of your next smartphone.

If you already have it in your pocket, you should know that the South Korean firm has just launched an update that brings with it a significant improvement in the battery section. We speak, in fact, of the charging system.
A new algorithm arrives on board the update to improve the charging process, among other interesting developments to increase the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A50 and which we will detail below.


Let's see what kind of update we are talking about and what are the novelties that it brings. The data package in question carries the following code: A505FDDU2ASH3 and weighs 320 MB. It is not an excessively heavy update, but it is important.
And it is because it brings a series of features that not only deal with locking the security of the equipment but also to improve part of the features that the Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh already offers as standard.

Within the list of changes, the following changes are mentioned:
•    Improved performance of the fingerprint recognition system
•    Improved algorithm of the device charging system and increased system stability

Also, general corrections have been added, which is usually the most common in this type of update. Some security patches have been applied, but we are not sure that the security update corresponding to August has also been integrated with this application. Be that as it may, various improvements have been incorporated into the data package, so it will be convenient to install the update as soon as it is available.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that an application that was not there before and that is none other than Snapchat has been integrated into this update. It is not the first time this happens. An update that came for the Samsung Galaxy A70 brought a lot of third-party applications, to which users did not respond well. We will have to see if the same happens with the version that Samsung will finally release in Spain. We will remain attentive to inform you.


You must be clear that, although the update has already been launched, it will reach all markets progressively. This means that depending on where you are, you can receive it with a little delay. In any case, we recommend you wait until you receive the notification that indicates your availability. From there, start it at the time you consider most appropriate, always taking into account that:

•    It is convenient to have a well-charged battery, making sure that at least 50% of its capacity is
•    You are connected to a WiFi network: keep in mind that the data package weighs more than 300 MB
•    It will not hurt if you have made a backup, in case the flies fail

If you don't receive the notice, you can go to the Settings> Software update section and select Download and install. If a new version is available, you will have the option to install it instantly or at the time you need it.

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