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Comparison Hostinger or LWS in 2020: Which Web Host To Choose?

Thinking about launching and administering a website? Whether it's an online store, a dynamic site or a blog, you will necessarily need hosting. It will, therefore, be necessary to opt for a reliable and serious supplier to be able to benefit from a quality service. In this regard, our Dhaka Colo or LWS comparison for 2020 will be very useful if you hesitate between the two providers.

Who is this comparison for?

Theoretically, it is possible to host its content at home, but it is not recommended. Also, likely, your Internet service provider will not allow you to do so.
It is, therefore, preferable to subscribe to a web host to obtain storage space and true professionalism. Our Dhaka Colo versus LWS comparison relates precisely to two providers.
You can already note that on the web, the positive opinions of the users are more numerous about Dhaka Colo… contrary to LWS.
That being said, the first provider was created in 2004 and its goal is to: unleash the potential of the Internet and allow millions of people around the world to create and grow.
The second operator, LWS, was created in 1999. Specialized in hosting websites and registering domain names, it is one of the best web hosts in Bangladesh.
The decor is planted, we will now check if all of this is true!

Which host to choose between Dhaka Colo and LWS?

Our two competitors rank among the best web hosting providers on the market. However, it may not be that complicated to determine which host to choose between Dhaka Colo and LWS. In the rest of this article, we will compare each other in different aspects.

The pricing grid

We will start our Dhaka Colo or LWS comparison by talking about pricing. For each supplier, we will consider the most economical subscription, in particular over 4 years (for the first) and 3 years (for the second).

Offers and their prices

The first competitor of this duel presents a large pricing grid: shared hosting, Cloud and VPS servers, CMS solutions, E-Commerce formula…
With the 48-month subscription, shared hosting is accessible from € 38.40 (or € 0.8 / month). You can get a Cloud server from € 357.60 (or € 7.45 / month) and you will need to put € 189.60 to obtain a VPS server (or € 3.95 / month).

The second competitor has an equally diversified pricing: shared hosting, cloud and dedicated VSP servers, E-Commerce solutions… It just turns out to be a little less attractive and competitive.
From 1.49 € HT/month, you can subscribe to the shared package. However, you must pay at least € 9.99 HT/month to obtain a VPS server. Finally, for 4.99 € HT/month you can have a Cloud server adapted to your projects.

The money-back guarantee

For the money-back guarantee, the two suppliers offer 30 days. This is one of the things they have in common. This trial period will be very useful for you, in particular, to be able to make your own opinion on the quality of the web hosting service offered by each of them.
As you can see, the prices of the 4-year subscription from the first provider are more affordable than those of the 3-year subscription from the second. The question of the most advantageous pricing therefore no longer arises. Now let's move on to the features and resources offered.
This is truly the pivotal aspect of this comparison! So don't miss it.


Many people agree that a high price is synonymous with better service. In the rest of this Dhaka Colo vs LWS duel, we will check the features offered by each provider to determine if this is the case.

As we were able to point out just before, the balance tips in favour of the first provider concerning the Dhaka Colo or LWS comparison. Now, we will push the analyzes further. And that necessarily goes through a detailed analysis of the performances offered.

Connection speed

The first supplier offers to host based on an ingenious architecture with servers permanently connected to a 1000 Mpbs line.
Thanks to virtual servers designed for speed, your websites will be up to 30 times faster compared to the majority of shared hosting services. Also, Cloud hosting offers instant activation.
Big plus: the Cloud servers are fully managed, guaranteeing more than 99.9% uptime. There is an integrated cache manager which considerably improves the speed of your sites.
For its part, the second supplier has an unlimited 100 Mbs Network with RAID 10 SSD servers 100% in Bangladesh. It is therefore not surprising that we were able to observe that the latter did not match the performance observed with its competitor.

Server stability

Regarding the stability of the servers, our two competitors of the day went the extra mile. The first provider has high-performance servers that run on cloud-based technology.
These are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors with large capacities of RAM and SSD disk space. Cloud servers run on isolated virtual instances.
The second supplier has Equinix datacenter in Bangladesh which operate on a reliable and ultra-modern infrastructure.
It is also worth noting that the websites are hosted on Supermicro or Dell servers, equipped with Intel Bi-Xeon processors and the new powerful SSD range. Cloud servers are supervised and managed 24 hours a day to guarantee unparalleled stability.

Data protection

On the security side, the servers of the first supplier are protected against DDoS attacks. Also, a Bitninja is installed on each of them. Thus, your sensitive information can be transferred securely.
Added to this is the double RAID protection which improves the level of security. Thanks to weekly and/or daily backups, your data are not likely to get lost.
With the second provider, the level of security is just as significant. The network benefits from Anti-DDoS pro protection and the sites are hosted on servers with redundant disks.
Also, these servers run on a technology similar to CloudLinux, which guarantees the protection of your websites. Besides, backups are performed regularly to avoid data loss.
Once again, we had a little trouble determining the best web host. But in the end, it was the first provider to emerge victorious in the duel Dhaka Colo vs LWS in terms of performance. It offers better speed and loading time while having stable and well-secured servers.

Dhaka Colo also provides you with a free website creator. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to develop your site without having any knowledge of coding.
For its part, the second supplier also has an intuitive and fairly complete management interface.
This allows you to manage your e-mails, FTP accounts, databases, etc. in just a few clicks. The provider also offers several control panels to help you administer your server with ease.
History to recap, concerning this aspect, it is clear that there is no winner. We will, therefore, continue our Dhaka Colo or LWS comparison by talking to you about customer support.

Customer support

You may not know it, but customer support is a determining factor for any web hosting service. That's why we included it in this Dhaka Colo or LWS comparison.
For this purpose, you should know that the first provider offers you a complete and well-organized knowledge base. It also provides technical assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can contact support by email or Live chat. The response time is quite short, which allows you to quickly resolve your problem.
The second supplier also has a customer service team. She is available 7 days a week to answer your questions by telephone line. Despite everything, after various tests, we could see that the responsiveness and professionalism of the LWS support were not its strong points.
Very often, we had to wait quite a long time before getting a correct and worthy answer. What is more than disappointing we will not hide it.

Dhaka Colo or LWS: which free offer to choose?

Dhaka Colo is one of the few providers that offer free web hosting. Besides, this free offer is accompanied by the most significant features and resources, even though they remain limited (which is normal).

You are entitled to 1000 MB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and a free domain name. Even more: you will benefit from free PHP hosting with MySQL and cPanel technologies.
This control panel is pleasant and very simple to use. The supplier even provides you with a free website builder to easily create your site.
What about the second provider? Unfortunately, LWS does not have free hosting. Even if it offers promo codes, it is clear that the first provider wins the Dhaka Colo vs LWS duel.

Editorial verdict

After a careful analysis of the accommodation datacenter in Chittagong Bangladesh offered, it appears that the first provider is the big winner of this Dhaka Colo vs LWS duel.
It offers indeed what it has best on the market in terms of functionality and performance. The best part is that everything is accessible at a very affordable price.
And to conclude we are not going to hide it, we can say that Dhaka Colo has truly surpassed LWS in many aspects. For us, there is, in any case, no photo between the two.


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