Key Things to Consider While Hiring Link Building Agency

This piece will enlist the 5 key things that you should consider to appreciably enhance your chances of hiring the right link building agency. Let's get started!

You may need to hire a link building agency for the furtherance of your business goals. If your in-house team doesn't have the proficiency to deliver the results, then it's time to outsource your link building needs to a link building agency. Deciding whether you need a link building agency or not is the easy part, actually going about finding one is tricky.

This is because there are so many companies offering link building services, that sometimes it gets confusing for people to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Figuring out the right agency can also be tough because there are a lot of fraudulent companies that make exaggerated promises to get more business.

But fret not, as not all is without hope and this piece will enlist the 5 key things that you should consider to appreciably enhance your chances of hiring the right link building agency. Let's get started!


Transparency is the first point to consider when you go about hiring the right link building agency for your business. You need to ask them questions and see if the responses add up or not. You should make efforts to understand their link building strategies and analyze whether it is going to be beneficial for your business or not.

Ask them about their approach and if you don't get straight answers, chances are that you are engaging with a fraudulent company. The ideal agency would be transparent enough to tell you just how would they go about helping you achieve your clearly outlined goals and objectives.

2.Experience and Expertise in Building Brand Authority:

You need to pick a link building agency that has a proven and verifiable track record of building brand authority for their clients. You need to partner up with an agency that has the capability of establishing your website as a thought leader within your industry. They should also be capable of delivering top website link building services as it is very important for building a brand's authority.

High-quality backlinks are very important ranking factors and when you hire the right digital marketing service provider, there are a lot of benefits that your business can avail.

3.Record of Getting High-Quality Links:

You need to check if the agency in question has a proven and verifiable record of quality link building or not. This is because the quality of links is always better than the number of links. If the company boasts of having a record of getting links to the website of their clients with low domain authority, then it's a red flag. You need to exercise due diligence and caution if you intend to engage further with the agency. You should work with a link building agency that can get high-quality links with high domain authority from websites similar to the targeted niche.

4. Communication:

Communication is the cornerstone of all business relationships and the same extends to your relationship with the prospective link building agency. You should be able to communicate with the agency on a consistent basis and at intervals that have been agreed upon at the very beginning.

If the agency in question is avoiding regular communication, then it’s a red flag and the company is either hiding bad news or leading you astray. You need to pick an agency that will show a high level of responses to all your queries and concerns. You need to align with an agency that shows signs of proactivity when it comes to handling any and all issues being faced by you.  

5. Can they deliver Link Diversity:

Your focus should be on making your website diversified with the help of backlinks. Thus you should choose an agency that has a proven and verifiable record of offering links from many different places. This is because if most of your links come from one place, then search engine spiders are not likely to react to it favorably.

It is imperative that you get diversified links because such links are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. You should proactively search for an agency that can make your website completely diversified. This is because diversified links will allow you to gain competitive leverage over your counterparts. Check if the agency in question is able to offer backlinks from places such as press releases, rb_blog, directory listings, reciprocal linking, etc.

The Bottom Line

If and when you consider the aforementioned factors, you will increase your chances of hiring the right agency. There are many agencies which provide such services and there is every chance that you will be able to find the right fit for your business. You should focus on finding the right fit for your business rather than chasing an industry gold standard. Pick quality over quantity and don’t mind paying for the same because quality costs money.

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