The best online Quran Academy with both male and female teachers online

Learn Quran Academy is a platform where to Read Online Tafseer with Tajweed in USA. Best Online tutor are available for your kids to teach Quran on skype.

The best online Quran Academy with both male and female teachers online

Do you need a teacher to help your children learn to read the Noble Quran at home?

Are you looking for a teacher for yourself to help you learn the Holy Quran better?

Would you like to read a good female to your daughter to help her master the Holy Quran?


If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you are in the place. The Online Holy Quran Academy is the best academy that will help you and your family learn the Holy Quran at home. What could be better than having a teacher for yourself, to help you with your Islamic studies?


We are aware of the fact that parents have a strict routine. They are unable to teach their children about Islamic duties and principles. Moreover, children should also learn how to read and recite the Holy Quran. However, with the full attention of the parents, Muslim children will not be able to learn how to read the Holy Quran. For this reason, to make things easier for you, we have an online Quran Academy, we offer great Islamic courses for you and your family. These courses will take place on Skype Online and this is the reason why candidates don't have to worry about their transfer time.

Our Holy Quran Academy on the Internet provides the best teachers on the Internet. We have male and female teachers online to help you and your family. The teachers who are recruited into our online Quran Academy are well versed in that course for which they are assigned. They know all the things that will help you to study the Holy Quran easily at home. Classes will be implemented online, so the student can attend these classes anywhere, whether he or she is at home, or in the homes of a relative, etc. This rest will help you and your family learn the Holy Quran at home and become the best Muslim.

Nurani course for children and beginners

There are many occasions when the recitation of the Holy Qur’an is incorrect and the reason for this is that the basis for reciting the Qur’an has not been completed. For this reason, it is important for Muslims to read al-Qaeda Nurani first.


Noorani Al-Qaida is the book that contains all the keys that will help make reading the Qur’an easier. There are many new Muslims reading Arabic or Urdu. For them, this course will be perfect as it will help them learn the basics of reading the Quran. They must read Al-Nurani Al-Qaeda first so they know how to understand all Arabic words.

There are disjointed letters that make up the Holy Quran. To be able to read the Holy Quran first, it is important to realize how these letters will be pronounced. These letters can be easily understood if the reader knows how to read Urdu, as the Arabic language is similar to the Urdu language. These messages are studied independently of al-Nurani, which a great help later in the Noble Qur’an. For this reason, it is important to carry out a deep study of Nurani al-Qaeda.

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The Holy Quran translated into English

This is the course that will help you and your family understand the Holy Quran if you are not a native speaker of the Arabic language. Translating the Holy Quran into English is the course that will help you to know what the Holy Quran highlights and tells us of all the surahs and verses. Online Quran Academy provides ideal courses that will translate the Holy Quran into English. Reading and reciting the Holy Quran is not enough. Muslims are also required to study the Qur’an fully, and this will only be done by translating it into the language that you know.

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