Different types of trolleys and their uses

Having best trolleys for Salon can ease a lot of work for taking salon essentials from one place to another. It is essential when you have a big salon. Trolleys can save a lot of time in carrying all things at once in an organized way.

Each one faces several problems under different situations when we have to lift heavy objects. Sometimes the problem is not to lift the heavy object but to lift a massive amount of objects in one go. Then we think of machinery that can do such a task in a more relaxed manner. For such a task, trolleys were invented so that the job may get more comfortable, and it gets convenient to lift heavy objects.

So, in this article, we are going to introduce you to different types of trolleys and their uses. Along with that, we will focus mainly on ``Trolleys for Salon".

So, let us get started by understanding a simple meaning and definition of Trolley.


"An object which is used to carry and lift heavy objects from one place to another is termed as a trolley." It comes with tires attached to it to move the Trolley from one place to another.

 In particular, if we talk about "Trolleys for salon," then we can say that a multistory table with cupboards and wheels to carry and store salon equipment.

Some popular synonym for trolleys:

1. A carriage with wheel,

2. Sometimes use to symbolize the trolley cars:

3. A tram (Train), etc.

Things to keep in mind while buying trolleys:

1. Use of Trolley – As a carriage or storage:

2. Capacity – Depending on the weight or amount of luggage:

3. Several handles gave to lift and move the Trolley:

4. Most important "The quality";

5. It looks and design.

Here, if we talk specifically about trolleys for salons, the two most important features to keep in mind are the looks and design of the Trolley and the capacity along with the quality. Sometimes, in a salon, quality can be compromised, but the capacity and design should not. It is because of the simple reason that once the Trolley is kept in the salon, it's hardly going to move from one place to another, but it should be eye-catching and should have enough storage space as per requirement.

Different types of trolleys:

Here we are going to introduce you to some of the varieties of trolleys that are available in the market.

1. Platform trolleys: A platform trolley is a flat trolley at the base with two or four tiers at the bottom and a handle to move it.  

2. Hand Trolley: A hand trolley has comparably less widen the base. But it is similar to a platform trolley. It has a long back and a handle attached to the back with broad tires at the bottom. 

3. Wheel trolley: It refers to the Trolley, which has a rotating wheel attached to it at the end of the trolley pole to make constant rolling contact with the trolley wire.

4. Aluminum Trolley: A trolley which is made of Aluminium material is known as an aluminum trolley.

5. Folding Trolley: A folding trolley is the one which can be folded into a smaller size to carry it from one place to another.

6. Tool trolley: A tool trolley is the one that has specific designs as per the design of the tool to keep inside the Trolley.

7. Pallet trolley: Trolleys specifically manufactured to move and lift pallets are known as pallet trolleys.

 Different types of trolleys for the salon:

There are different kinds of trolleys available in the market for salons. They are different in terms of design, usage, capacity, material, and quality, etc. The decision to choose and buy depends on the purchaser as per the usage and budget. Some may give priority to the quality; others may go for the design. So, whatever you like, choose it and purchase it.

Let's discuss some common types of trolleys for the salon:

1. Zig zag Trolley: A trolley designed for keeping all types of materials and equipment of a salon.

2. Cupboard Trolley: A straight trolley with cupboards tom keep the material dust-free and safe 

from all kinds of damages.

3. Rack Trolley: A trolley in the form of multiple racks that can slide in and out.


From the above article, it can be concluded that a number of trolleys are available in the market. Choose wisely as per the requirement, keeping focus on the quality and the budget.

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