How are UPI and Bharat Bill pay Aiding Bill payment In India

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The times of bill payment has gone through a vortex and has evolved into a system that facilitates ubiquitous, secure and quick bill payments. In today’s era of continuous work schedule and stuck in the monotony of the busy lifestyle, demands more time for personal life. Especially in the days where both the parents are working and little time is accommodated for the precious family time, bill payments in queues are not worth the time. Hence with enormous changes in the bill payment sector assuring a ubiquitous system has only gained more customers while paying any utility bill payment such as online gas payment.

Right now, most of the population is highly acquainted with the technologies that are making life simpler. for example, technology has made its highest penetration in the traveling sector, were booking an auto and traveling is a highly easy task. It is more secure with google maps and the ability to monitor the path the vehicle is taking. Likewise in the bill payment sector while making Water Bill payment android or iOS devices is empowered with UPI payments and the Bharat Bill pay. Also, the other government regulatory policies leading to the security of the payment. Hence multi-way authentication is mandatory for the bill payment.

How are UPI and Bharat Billpay aiding in Bill payment?

Bill payment is a recurring payment that has to be completed on an immediate basis. Hence to streamline the process, the government initiative like UPI( Unified Payment Interface) has added to simplifying and secure the payment process. UPI is a government initiative that brings multiple banks under one belt and the aid in an instant real-time payment owned by National Corporation Of India. This system is secure and inter-bank activities are possible on the mobile platform. This is a new age payment channel providing secure landline bill payment.

The Bharat Billpay is yet another initiative that brought about enormous change in the bill payment sector in India. This is an RBI initiative and NPCI driven entity. Bharat Bill payment system is a two-tiered system comprising of the Bharat bill payment operating units and Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit. The operating units acquire the billers from all over India, engage with the customers and also is maintained by stringent rules by the NPCI/ Central Unit of Bharat Payment System. Hence, BBPS is providing a single, interoperable payment system covering geographies all over India aiding is secure, quick multi-utility payments online such as adani electricity bill payment online.

Hence these two government initiatives have transformed the bill payment industry. But along with these are the technological infrastructures playing a major role, the smartphones are providing a conducive platform for the UPI payments and the versatility and ubiquity of the smartphone payment has made it one of the major digital bill payment mode in India. UPI payments took the whole nation by surprise as there was 5.35 billion UPI based transactions when compared to the 4.41 billion debit card transactions as per the RBI’s annual report 2018–19. Hence smartphones and UPI together as a platform have increased the mobile bill payment service providers the biggest platform to revolutionize the sector while paying tv online recharge.

But along with these, payment through the XPay Life Kiosk aiding in round-the-clock payments, PoS machines and Mobile Vans have also gained traction and customer acceptance. As these are the new technological infrastructures that are providing the cash as a digital payment mode along with other popular digital modes for Broadband postpaid bill payment. These innovations are a promise to completely empower India digitally by catering to all the sectors of diverse India.

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