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Family tree maker 2019 is the upgraded version of the software. With the upgrade

Family tree maker 2019 is the upgraded version of the software. With the upgrade, FTM users are facing many problems related to the software. We are premium support service provider for family tree maker and from the last 10 years we are providing quality service to our customers. For more information regarding family tree maker, you can contact us.

Step 1: Open the ftm 2019 upgrade page on the Mackiev website.

Step 2: Form & Verification – In step 2, the user needs to fill up the details as per asked in the form. Now click on the “Verify User” button.

Step 3: After getting the details verified, user will see a notification “ Thank you for the ftm 2019 purchase”. Now, user needs to click on the “Continue” option.

Step 4: Users will see three options on the screen as follows – 

Family tree maker Download – If a user wants to download the software then just click on the “download” option. A link will be sent to user’s mail id registered with Mackiev.

As we have mentioned above that Mackiev has announced FTM software update. Now, FTM software users have to upgrade to ftm 2019 as Mackiev as already stop the sync of FTM 2014 and the older version. So, if you have not upgraded to family tree maker 2019, then you must update your software. 

After getting the ftm 2019 software file, users just need to double click on the file. Now, users have to follow the steps guided by the software. It will take a few minutes for installation. After the installation, you will see an icon “2019”. 

Click on the icon, now you can see your family tree maker.

Ftm windows user will have the icon on the desktop by default, MAC users will have the icon on the desktop or in the application folder.

With the family tree maker upgrade, there are certain problems which users are facing. We have received queries from many users related to the software. They are: – 

White Label Error Page: – White label error page is an error in which the screen goes white. This is one of the common problems a user is facing.

Date & Time Error: – Users are also getting date & time error in the software. This problem was not in the previous version of the software. Make sure that the time & date on your computer system are correct.

404 not found: – Suppose, a user in entering a piece of information and in return it shows “404 not found error”. This problem arises when the software is unable to fetch the given data.

Here are some tips which will help a user to resolve these problems. They are: – 

Clear Browsing History: – Try clearing your browsing history. Clearing browser history can resolve the issue.

Use another computer: – If the software does not work on the computer system then user can change the computer system. Check if the computer system is compatible with the software requirements.

Antivirus: – Many antiviruses do not allow access to the software due to security reasons. Make sure to disable the antivirus.

If you have updated to family tree maker 2019, then there is no need to keep the previous version of the software. All the data from the previous version of the software will be moved to new version of the software.


Do users of FTM can also use a feature of different language?

Yes, users can also use the feature of different languages also. 

Maureen’s Taylor E-book in family tree maker 2019 helps user to keep tree images safe. 

This is an additional service provided by Mackiev for ftm users.

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