The Start-up that is bridging the gap between the rural and urban digitization

As a solution to the problem, a start-up called XPay.Life is facilitating bill payment through the platforms for bridging the gap between rural and urban India.

Water bill payment was a thing that required scheduled time, panic transportation and long queues. But this is the talk of distant past or is it? The urban quantum of people are more inclined towards accepting the online digital modes of bill payment and it has become as easy with just a few clicks and taps. The RBI’s tap and Go initiative brought a lot of changes in the way bill payments were perceived. But unlike in the urban quantum, the rural side of India is facing a different kind of challenge.

A small village of Maralaga near outskirts of Mandya should not have had any potential impact on demonetization it as most financial transactions, peer to peer and merchant to customer transactions happen through micro cash. And only the high denomination notes were banned in the year 2016. But with only 14% of hard cash circulating around the highly populated country, India. It converted to a humungous matter of concern with less awareness and more ambiguity to embrace the digital payment methods.

The complex and cumbersome mobile payment of utility bills became highly intimidating and Utility bill payment Online was an entirely an overwhelming concept. The people of Maralaga were left with less cash circulation and no ATMs or banks in the vicinity. This assured the lack of digital infrastructure and digital awareness amongst the rural masses.

Hence many small yet effective start-ups are acting as a catalyst for bridging the gap between rural and urban digital facilities. As a solution to the problem, a start-up called XPay.Life is facilitating bill payment through the platforms for bridging the gap between rural and urban India. According to recent Google BCG report research, almost 80% of rural India doesn’t use digital modes for bill payments. Hence XPay.Life is concentrating only on providing a multi-utility bill payments facility to all sectors and sections on India. It is built on the stringent standard of the business model working on  AMBIC framework which stands for Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud which makes even the Jio Postpaid Bill Payments online highly secure.

For the service of the urban quantum that is well educated and familiar with the ongoing trends of the technology and is having the highest customer onboarding with the technology. Hence the website of XPay.Life facilitates the multi-utility bill payment across the categories like Electricity, Water, Gas(piped gas and LPG), Telecom that includes broadband postpaid, mobile postpaid and landline postpaid facilities, it also facilitates with the new categories of school fees, insurance, and EMI as well.

The mobile app of XPay.Life is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The application is highly secure as it doesn’t store any credit card details. The payment channel include popular channels of payment like credit and debit cards, UPI payments, net banking, and mobile banking for Airtel Broadband Bill Payment Online or any other bills online,

There is a technologically advanced payment infrastructure called as the cash accept machine kiosk that is bridging the gap between the people and sectors. The bill payment kiosk is revolutionary as it is accepting cash as a bill payment mode along with the other payment channels like credit/debit cards as well.

Also, mobile vans are the conceptualized idea that is equipped with the bill payment kiosk, a vending machine and a mini-ATMs that will visit strategic places around the remote places wherever the footfall is high. Hence bringing the infrastructure to pay landline bills to the customers. Thus digitally empowering the rural masses with digital awareness, Government scheme awareness and encouraging the transaction through the vending machine that dispenses free condoms and sanitary pads after each transaction.

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