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MantraFiltration is the leading name in the sector of air pollution control equipment manufacturer & supplier based out in Indore, India. We provide quality industrial solutions like Filter Bags, bag Supporting Cages, Dust Collector cages electrostatic precipitator systems etc.

I believe that air purifying is another furor; however in fact, in India mainly metro cities are facing the problem of air pollution it is because of nearby Industrial areas and some of the sub hubs where farmlands are on there borders. Since the industrial revolution came into action the major part of the research is how to decrease air pollution and many approaches to make our air cleaner was performed. Toward the beginning of the modern upset in India, Electrostatic Smoke precipitators playing a vital role against the smoky hazards from Industries & saving the environment.


Nobody likes smoke. Even at a young age, we are discovering different kinds of infections related to the lungs. We all require a clean and green environment and cool and clean air to breathe. The society demands industrial areas should be shifted in the outer hubs but the rapid growth of the population in India is a big problem too. But Industries is the soul of our monetary framework and we need to endure processing plants and force plant smokestacks that tear up the air. Actually, innovation has had a truly decent answer for the issue for over a century, looking like electrostatic smoke precipitators. The static-electric channels grab the ash and debris from messy air as it streams along a funnel, incredibly diminishing contamination and assisting with improving nature. We should investigate how they work!

Electrostatic Smoke precipitators hardware is designed to work in various manners for variously estimated soil particles produced using various processes and various measures of contamination ESP hardware need to consider in the power plants where coal is used in huge quantity and on a daily basis too as well as the fashion industries where synthetic creation takes place. Some force plants attempt to limit sulfur dioxide contamination (which causes corrosive downpour) by consuming low-sulfur coal that normally creates more debris. that makes ESP gear less compelling along these lines, to accomplish a similar decrease in contamination, it by and large must be scaled-up in size to redress. The viability of ESP is likewise influenced by the temperature and dampness substance of the pipe gas (low-sulfur coal consumes at a lower temperature and regularly contains more dampness). ESP isn't 100 percent compelling and some contamination will consistently stay behind. In certain states and locales, the air contamination laws are stricter than in others, and that may imply that a force plant needs bigger plates(or various arrangements of them) to guarantee the gas rising up out of a smokestack is cleaner.

Electrostatic precipitation removes particles from the exhaust gas stream of an industrial process. Often the process involves combustion, but it can be any industrial process that would otherwise emit particles to the atmosphere. Six activities typically take place:

  • Ionization – Charging of particles
  • Migration -Transporting the charged particles to the collecting surfaces.
  • Collection - Precipitation of the charged particles onto the collecting surfaces
  • Charge Dissipation - Neutralizing the charged particles on the collecting surfaces
  • Particle Dislodging –Removing the particles from the collecting surface to the hopper
  • Particle Removal – Conveying the particles from the hopper to a disposal point.


MFP Supplies of Electrostatic Precipitator Systems with below features:

  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Low sensitivity to high temperature and aggressive gases
  • High Collecting efficiency well in excess of 99%
  • Low Maintenance

Our products house a wide range of Dust Collector and Electrostatic Precipitators and spare parts like Filter Bags, Cages, Ventury, Pulse Valve, Timer, Rotary Air Lock Valves, Screw Conveyors, I.D./F.D. Fan, Air slide, Collecting Plates, Discharge Electrodes, all type of Insulators, etc.

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