Durex - Types of condoms are available in Indian Market


Durex - Types of condoms are available in Indian Market

Condom is the only contraceptive that safeguards you against pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases and is widely available for everyone. And still instead of glorifying the benefits of condoms, the word itself is shielded away from the ears of Indian masses. 

Durex is a leading global company to provide sex toys and sex lubricants along with Condoms. It has become the world’s no. 1 condom brand due to their availability in all Shapes and sizes. The global market share for Durex condoms is about 30% which is phenomenal. They have varied types of condoms that range from ribbed to dotted. Youngsters often prefer flavored condoms to derive more pleasure. One can be assured of Durex’s brand value and the improved sexual experience while using a Durex condom.

Durex is the market leader in selling condoms. It puts in a lot research and development to make the product readily acceptable by people. It creates condoms of different size, Shapes, types, flavors, keeping in mind the comfort of its customers.

Let’s look into various Durex condoms available in India.

  • Durex Air condoms- these are ultra-thin condoms.
  • Durex Extra time condoms- they are lined with numbing agents to delay ejaculation.
  • Durex flavored condoms
  • Durex Dotted condoms
  • Durex Ribbed condoms
  • Durex Excite me condoms
  • Ultra Thin Condoms for Natural feeling

This type of condom is claimed to be the thinnest condom in India. Durex Air Ultrathin Condom is one of the best thinnest condoms in India. One might wonder about the applicability of thin condoms. When thin condoms are used, it guarantees more pleasure and greater delay in climax. It happens so because this type of condomdecreases the sensation on penis. They have a thickness of 45 microns which is as perfect as per the Indian conditions.

  • Dotted condoms for Extra pleasure

These types of condoms have various grooves and dots raised on its circumference. It is expected to give a delightful experience by providing more pleasure than regular ones.

  •  Flavored condoms for Oral sex

There is now a provision to buy condom online directly from Durex website. Flavored condoms are mostly used for oral intercourse which is lined by a layer of desired smell. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint are quite popular among people nowadays. One must be aware of the irritating and nauseous smell of rubber in latex condoms. The fruity layer acts as a protection against that smell.


  • Ribbed condoms for extra sensation

This type of condom provides a tickling sensation through the ribs provided on the circumference. These ribs provide friction and provide more pleasure than the ones with normal surface. The advantage of using these types of condoms is that, it can provide dual pleasure to the people involved in sex.


  • Snug fit condoms - super fit size condoms

These types of condoms are shorter than the standard size to cater the variable size and structure of penis across men in India. They are super fit on the surface to adapt any variation in size.


  • Long Lasting condoms - Climax delay condoms

This type of condom helps in delaying ejaculation for intense pleasure. It is beneficial for people who might be suffering from PE or the couples who want to increase their pleasure time. The biggest advantage of using such condoms is that they have lubricants in them to assist during sex without spoiling fun.

The condom price in India is not much higher but the denial about condom is the main problem. People shy away from talks regarding sex which shouldn’t be the case. One might be experiencing a sexual dysfunction while blaming his/her partner.

However, for safety, one must use Durex Extra safe which is self-lubricated and well known for its safety measures.

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