Basic Tally ERP 9 :- How to use Tally ERP 9 for Beginners

Basic Tally ERP 9 :- How to use Tally ERP 9 for Beginners

Hello friends , If you are beginners in account field and you want to learn Tally software then I am going to explain the working of Tally ERP9 which is the latest version of Tally Software . if you want to know some basic history of tally Software , who has developed the tally  software who is launching and managing the all versions of tally  software then just read my previous blog on my rewardbloggers ' s profile . Today , here I am going to some basic concept of Tally ERP 9 for beginners. please read carefully . if you like this blog just click on  this blog on upper side small hand like button . it will give me the motification to write more blog on software system.

Tally Screen Components:- The gateway of Tally Screen components can be classified in following parts.

1) Title Bar

2) The Main Area

3) Buttons ToolBar

4) Calculator Area

5) Status Bar

1) Title Bar :- Display the company name that is created by the user in tally erp9 . 

2) The Main Area (Gateway of Tally – CTRL + M) :-  Display Menus , Screens and  reports  and also accepts the choices and options , we select.

3) Buttons Toolbar :- Display buttons  for interaction with tally buttons. Differ from Screen to screen.

4) Calculator Area  ( CTRL + N ) :- To do calculations, calculator is used . ctrl + N is used to activate the calculator and ctrl + n to deactivate the calculator.

5) Status Bar :- The status bar is divided into four panels.

  1. The first panel displays the list of all steps . we have come across to come to the active screen. For example:- If we are in the balance sheet it displays Gateway of Tally -> Balance Sheet.
  2. The Second Panel displays the version and please of Tally Software.
  3. The Third Panel displays the rate in a long format .
  4. The fourth panel displays the time.

To Quit from the Tally:-

  • Press “ESC Key ” until you see the message  “Do you want to  quit from tally Yes or No”.
  • Press (Enter ) or press (Y) or click on (Yes) to quit tally.
  • Alternatively Exit without Confirmation. Press “Ctrl + Q” in Gateway of Tally.    




Ajay Saini

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