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Test And Opinion On The Web Hosting Company Dhakacolo In 2020

With this group, you may likewise make as much as 500 five GB email accounts. Your month to month guests are boundless and you can control up to four hundred,000 site guests in step with month, which is truly acceptable. You likewise have a few boundless 10 GB databases.

  Do you want to create a website, launch a weblog or buy a.Fr domain name? One of the principal steps in wearing out this task involves finding the best internet host. The actors inside the field are pretty severe and it's miles really helpful to understand how to pick. Our opinion on Dhakacolo in 2020 aims to help you do better, by using introducing you to one of the leaders inside the net web hosting market. With its experience, this supplier has efficiently combined performance, innovation, and attractive pricing. Our take a look at will, therefore, let you determine if it meets your expectancies as a web host ... Or not.

 Introducing Dhakacolo

 Dhakacolo (Digital Media Agency) is a web web hosting organization affiliated with the Dada SpA institution. Present on the market seeing that 2008, the web host manages in 2020 round 650,000 web sites and almost 2 million domains.

  The agency is part of the big European institution Register. The latter is accredited by using ICANN and AFNIC as a registrar. These accreditations, therefore, benefit Dhakacolo, which for this reason has the popularity of registrar.

  Through our opinion on Dhakacolo for the year 2020, we invite you to discover the provider, it gives and its functionalities.

 Offers and pricing

 Web web hosting

 This issuer offers its customers several varieties of net hosting. These are Linux, Windows, WordPress, Reseller, PrestaShop, and Joomla.

  The Linux hosting is the type most sold via the seller solution. It is consequently to him that we had been first inquisitive about the drafting of this opinion Dhakacolo. Note that this plan carries three packs to pick out from Smart, Advanced and Enterprise.

  Billed at € 11.68 / month, the Enterprise percent contains 2 unfastened domain names the first yr. You may have limitless net space through which you can create as many web sites as you want.

 With this bundle, you may also create as much as 500 five GB email accounts. Your monthly visitors are unlimited and you can control up to four hundred,000 site visitors in step with month, which is pretty good. You also have several limitless 10 GB databases.

  During our take a look at, we noticed that the % additionally includes free SSL certificates for one 12 months. It consists of a SiteLock Starter and scheduled Cron tasks. With a level four performance, our opinion on Dhakacolo concerning this offer can handiest be fine. Despite everything, we find the prices a bit expensive and to start or to keep money, we recommend you rather turn to Hostinger.

  VPS web hosting

 Dhakacolo also offers a variety of effective and comparatively cheap VPS servers. Thus, you'll have the selection between the following answers: Small, Medium, Large and VPS X-Large.

  The VPS X-Large p.C. is the most advanced plan in this variety for the reason that resources allocated are 4 CPUs, 8 GB of RAM and one hundred sixty GB on HDD. Your monthly traffic can be 25 TB with a network speed of one hundred Mb / s. During our take a look at, we observed that it's miles feasible to pick your running system between Windows and Linux.

  But the high-quality factor of our opinion on Dhakacolo in 2020 concerning this offer is at the extent of its technical specifications. For example, in terms of protection, the provider ensures 24/7 gadgets and community monitoring.

  Dhakacolo additionally gives you emergency aid at night and for public holidays. As for the virtualization platform, it's miles continuously updated. To come returned to the VPS X-Large plan, know that it is usually Premium Assistance which lets you apply an expert. Its venture is that will help you configure your software program and help you, something the hassle. For administration, you have root get entry to and you can pick out between numerous ranges of the Plesk Onyx functionality.

  With a lot of these features, this plan is billed at € 48.54 / month. This appealing pricing is additionally one of the fantastic factors of our opinion on Dhakacolo. We are continuing our test of the host using searching at its Cloud gives now.

 VPS Cloud

 With the VPS Cloud plan of this internet host, you could choose your VPS server according to your needs. The resources allotted for this offer are:

  1 to 4 CPU

 1 to 16 GB of RAM

 20 to 400 GB HDD

 three to twenty-five TB / m and 1 to five IPv4 addresses.

 As for the running gadget, you'll have the selection between Linux and Windows. You will also have the selection between three variations of Plesk Onyx and SSL certificates.

  The installation of operating licenses is free and is blanketed in the acquisition of the package. Also, about uptime, the dealer guarantees 99.999% availability.

  During our assessment of Dhakacolo, we noticed that the cellphone guide for this plan is optional. However, emergency support is put in the region for the night time and on public holidays, as well as assistance using electronic mail. On this aspect, there is, therefore, no question that this host is behind compared to the satisfactory customer service presented by using PlanetHoster.

  The next step of our take a look at Dhakacolo takes us to the discovery of its dedicated server gives.

  Dedicated servers

 During our check, we counted a complete of 6 committed server offers from this supplier. But in our opinion on Dhakacolo, we have been only inquisitive about one plan.

  The Dell SF3 server to be had from € 48.00 / month presents you with an Intel Xeon CPU E3-1230 processor of four Cores. In terms of resources, you may use eight GB of DDR3 RAM and a pair of x 1 TB 3.5 SATA.

  Dhakacolo ensures for every one of its committed servers reliability of 99.999% via an SLA carrier stage agreement. If you have got any doubts concerning the choice of your server, you can like us during our take a look at, call customer support for an unfastened consultation.

  Finally, you could configure and manage your server through the Plesk panel or use root get entry to. There is not any doubt that the dedicated server offers from this host are very comprehensive. This is one of the fine elements of our opinion on Dhakacolo.

Best and easy dedicated server in Bangladesh. Regardless of the size of your business you are running, at Dhakacolo you get administration and bolster that goes a long way past normal. From arranging your arrangement to ordinary upkeep, 24x7x365 Epic Support is constantly here to help.

 For the rest of our check regarding the host, we are interested in its controlled server gives.

Managed Servers

 As in our Ikoula review and test, we can now talk approximately outsourcing. About this provides, the accommodation company Dhakacolo offers three plans: Start-Up, Business and Personalized.

  Start-Up outsourcing is ideal for businesses wishing to start an online project. By choosing this answer, you will be capable of recognition exclusively at the implementation of your project. In truth, the control of your server is taken care of through the provider. So, aside from coping with your domain names under Plesk, you may not have to worry approximately anything.

  During our evaluation of Dhakacolo, we referred to numerous advantageous info regarding its dedicated server offerings. First, whatever plan you select, your server will be installed inside the facts middle of the host closest to your location. Then your system is monitored 24/24 and seven days / 7 for protection motives with instantaneous response to incidents.

  If you stumble upon technical trouble, you could request technical assistance at any time by way of commencing a ticket. Finally, to strengthen the security of your server, the running machine is often updated. We cease our Dhakacolo check in regards to this offer by using citing its price which is € 58.80 / month.

 During the writing of this Dhakacolo opinion for 2020, we found that the host now gives new services. The subsequent step in our dealer test will, therefore, be on them.

  Dhakacolo's new services

 In 2020, you'll now be able to create a domain and set up an internet store with Dhakacolo. When it comes to creating websites, you've got options: create your site your self or let the net host designers contend with it.

  Simply Site

 If you pick to create your site yourself, you could without problems do it with the Simply Site device. During our check, it allowed us to fast create a responsive site. Whether on pc, capsules or smartphones, the display stays perfect.

  This offer is to be had from € nine.19 / month and has 3 plans: Starter, Professional and Premium. Whichever bundle you pick, you get a free domain call and a .online presented for the first 12 months. Besides, you could take the benefit of an unfastened trial month to check the product.


 With this Dhakacolo package deal, you could create all kinds of websites with WordPress. Available from € 4.80 / month, this % also includes an unfastened domain name and a .on line NDD supplied for the first yr. You can then create as many subdomains, aliases, and redirects as you want.

  The resources allotted for this plan are 1vCPU, 512 Mb of RAM and 10 GB SSD. During our evaluation of Dhakacolo in 2020, we significantly appreciated the functionality of its WordPress hosting.

 We can, for instance, note the use of the last version of cPanel and the mixing of Cron task simply as it's miles the case with PlanetHoster as an instance. The percent also consists of 2 MySQL databases with 1 GB of space every. Also, you can create up to five mailboxes with 2 GB of area for every account.

  Our dealer check exhibits several stages of creation: Beginner, Advanced and Creation of online stores.


 With this provider, the introduction of your e-trade may be completed in four stages:

  Choice of subject matter and introduction of web sites

 Insertion of products and categories

 Installation of fee techniques and transport conditions

 Start selling online

 At this stage, our opinion on Dhakacolo concerning its e-commerce answer is tremendous. But still, you can choose the provider that first-rate fits your needs.

 Thus, from € nine.68 HT/month and relying on your needs you will have the choice among the Starter, Professional and Premium percent. Note that whatever plan you pick out, you've got a 30-day unfastened trial length.

  Overall, our opinion on Dhakacolo's hosting answers is fine. The gives are pretty varied, they're much less attractive in phrases of price as compared to Hostinger. We remind you that the prices used for our check are consisting of VAT.

  The specificities

 Satisfied or reimbursed period

 Our opinion on Dhakacolo allowed us to find out that the web host supplied a warranty length on all of its products. This duration is 14 days from the day after the date of subscription to the carrier, which again is much less than Hostinger (30 days) for our greatest regret.

  Free offer

 Dhakacolo offers a 30-day unfastened trial period for some of its web hosting answers. If before the quit of this trial length, you have not subscribed to the carrier, it may be taken into consideration expired.

  During our take a look at, we observed that each service cashing in on this provides is followed via the choice of computerized renewal. However, the customer could be notified before a tacit renewal and he's unfastened to oppose it. However, be greater than vigilant!

  Method of price

 During our provider check, we appreciated the diversity of its price methods. You can, therefore, pay your invoice with a Visa, MasterCard or Visa Électron credit card. You also can pay in your subscription through your personal PayPal account.

  The other approach of fee well-known are financial institution transfer and credit account. The credit account lets you settle your invoice without using your credit card. To do this, sincerely credit score your account earlier than it expires.

 Technical performance

 protection degree

 As a long way as protection is concerned, the supplier makes use of SSL certificates which are directly protected in certain offers. On this factor, the host is not yet well worth PlanetHoster which uses a completely strengthened protection machine. Here our opinion on Dhakacolo 2020 is consequently a little less fine because it is not up to the participants of our rating of the pleasant internet web hosting.

  However, to defend your site against hacking and other online threats, you may get a SiteLock. The level of protection you may claim relies upon the bundle you have got chosen among Starter, Premium and Premium HTTPS.


 With the maximum brilliant connection velocity, Dhakacolo ensures your site's reliability of 99.999%. It is a completely essential search engine optimization factor. Also, you'll no longer worry unavailability at the part of your server within the occasion of a site visitor's peak.


 Domain name

 As a registrar, this provider gives greater than seven hundred extensions for your domain name. But throughout this Dhakacolo opinion in 2020, we determined a peculiarity. In reality, it is not simply an NDD to which you may be entitled, it's miles as a substitute a percent which is offered through the host.

  This percent consists of three electronic mail bills of two GB, a website introduction device and an unfastened SSL certificate. It additionally includes dynamic micro hosting with 1 GB of database and automated backups.

  With this web host, you will not simplest be able to buy and register a domain name however you'll be able to switch the one or those that you already own. Thanks to the WHOIS tool, you can additionally check the supply of an NDD or obtain the owner's contact information for negotiations.

  Storage space

 The storage space varies depending on the plan you have chosen. However, with the multiplicity and elasticity of offers from the web host, you will have no problem locating what suits your needs.

  Ease of use

 The interface of the Dhakacolo website is simple, intuitive and responsive. For our web hosting take a look at, we used both a computer and a smartphone. It is possible from the home web page to get right of entry to all of the supplier's gives. To do this, really click at the provider of your choice or the small window that is associated.

  Just do no longer get lost due to the fact the choice is various and varied!

  Customer Support

 In case of a problem, you can contact customer service every day from nine am to 7 pm. You can also request help by using a message or make an appointment to request business information.

  The dealer also has an information base that will assist you to discover a solution to your problem your self. During our Dhakacolo check, we appreciated the reaction time from customer service, which is the first-rate, as is the great of the carrier.

  Here too, the supplier is not well worth PlanetHoster whose customer support can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a response time of much less than 30 seconds.


 We are therefore at the stop of this Dhakacolo opinion for 2020. We can a nation with all objectivity that it's miles an accurate internet host however nothing extra. Even though for a while now the provider has also been an internet editor, we would no longer advocate it to you.


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