Important skills to look in a project manager

Important skills to look in a project manager

Project management seems like an easy job, but in reality, it is not that easy. The reason for being not easy is that it includes things like commencing, scheduling, executing, monitoring and commencement of the project. The most challenging part is that the project is given to the selected team so that to achieve goals with a specific time.

There are a lot of skills one can demand in a project manager to get the things done in a proper manner and in the right way. These skills can be management, business and technical skills and some of the soft skills. The project managers also deal with people while managing processes and systems at a single time. When you draw down the list of the successful project, then these projects are based on keeping a reliable connection within the organisation.

But this is only the one face of the job that project managers do. Below is the list of important skills to look in a project manager so that they can adequately perform work. Also, there are several other skills, but these ten skills are the base on which a successful project manager can build his career.

  1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important skills every project manager, must-have. Some people believe that leadership skills are inborn skills that most people possess. But different people have the idea that every person has the potential to learn the leadership technique and skill. As a project manager, you are responsible for completing the whole project on time and with the best results. This requires you to have enough leadership skills os that you can motivate your team to achieve the desired results. For this, you should know that a project manager may have different styles, and it depends on your personality that which fits your character.

  1. Communication

In the field of project management leadership is closely related to having good communication skill. You may not be a leader until you have good communication skills as you may not be able to handle your team and lead them to glory. To properly communicate the goals and objectives of the project with your team, you possess adequate communication skills that help you in communicating with the team. It is also important because as a project manager, you may be in contact with the contractors, vendors, customer and stakeholder a\t the single time and you have to manage them all. These tools help you to connect with different people in your setting.

  1. Scheduling

The skill of scheduling is important in the same way as to how to run the project and complete it properly. To complete the project on time and to achieve glory, you must break the whole project into small portions. This is what we call schedule, and it is what every project manager likes to do. Setting up realistic targets and then managing resources to complete the project on time. For the scheduling task, a project manager can use a Gantt chart that is available online or use MS Project to prepare a Gantt chart of your own.

  1. Risk Management

Every project is a risk until the time it is complete, and it is successful. Risk is associated with the planning of a project, either small or big. It is the responsibility of the project manager to analyse the issue before they can become a problem for the project. So, at the beginning of the project, it is the duty of the project manager to looks for the risk that is associated with the project and what are its solutions. The more you can cope up with the risk, and there are bright chances that your project can become a success. Several issues can cause huge hurdles, so the process of analysing and solving the problems should be continuous.

  1. Cost management

Money is the most important for starting a business or even for a project. Without money, you will not be able to do anything as all employees are working for their monthly income. As a project manager, it is your job to create a realistic budget that is meeting the needs of the project. These works look very easy, but when you are associated with a frim having limited funds, then you can face challenges while approving the budget and you should be very tight when preparing the budget for that company. It requires great skills top even save a single sterling out of the fund.

  1. Negotiating

Negotiating is a skill that very much looks similar to communication skills, but it has its own space here. It is not bargaining with the contractors or vendors to get the best price for the work, but it is part of the project. As a project manager, you are leading a team, and you are in contact with the contractors, vendors and stakeholder so you must have negotiating skill. For example, the stakeholders can demand you for something that can affect your project so you must have enough negotiating skills to push them back in a friendly manner. If you have enough negotiating skills, you can resolve disputes that can affect the project.

  1. Critical thinking

A project manager requires these skills to get the maximum benefit out of work. The reason that the managers require this skill is that they are not a thing but reacting to the responses they have been told. Critical thinking has a clear objective in evaluating or analysing the circumstances so that you can have an unbiased decision. It enables you to not to react based on the emotions but to make a decision regarding the problems in a proper way.

  1. Task Management

Task management is another technical skill every project manager must-have. It is the skills that hold every single thing in the project together so that the project can be a huge success, and it can be completed on time. There are several irritating things for a project manager, and it can impact the success of the project. It is making a list of things that are needed to be done so that the project can be a success. But as the complexity of the project is increasing, you have to use different tools to manage it effectively. It helps you to prioritise your work and get updates of the task regularly.

  1. Quality Management

Quality management is the skills that most of the managers overlook, but it is the skill they need the most. This skill looks after the works and activities that are done, and you provide the project or service as the customer demands and as stated in the black and white. It is part of the project manager job that you have never realised, and you have overlooked and due to which your deadlines may have passed. Keeping things on track is an important thing so that the project can be completed on time and with the required specifications and quality

  1. Sense of humour

A sense of humour is an important thing every project manager must have, and it is not like a comedy. But it allows you to analyse and examine the situation in a different way. It is a soft skill but the most demanding skills in the field of project management. It helps you to release your stress and make your team and staff comfortable while working for the project. By having a good sense of humour can help you to handle a difficult situation in a secure way.


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