Why Cookie Boxes Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Cookie Packaging Boxes

Why Cookie Boxes Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Love for cookies can be seen in people of all age group. Moreover, food lovers like to buy cookies that come in elegant and well-presented boxes. Impress customers by displaying cookies in aesthetically amazing custom cookie packaging that looks like a special gift pack. People normally like to bring something sweet while visiting their relatives and friends. What could be better than an amazing and graceful cookie box? It will surely make the person feel happy and special. As well as, it will maintain the freshness of the cookies for a longer time. Food lovers, especially those who have sweet tooth love to eat cookies for munching or for tea time. Give a gesture of love by resenting them in a tempting cookie packaging and tell them how important they are for you.

Apart from that, these boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, people can customize them as per their desire. Tell the packaging company which colour combination, shape or size you want. The rest is up to them. Furthermore, use embellishments to give them more captivating and enticing look.


Select Suitable Material From Various Options:

The item material must be stalwart and durable to make your item effectively secure. However, packaging companies must make the durable material for your cookie box. You can customize your boxes as indicated by any of the beneath materials.

  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Eco-friendly kraft 
  1. Card Stock:

Cardstock is an adaptable and solid packaging material. Even though it is thicker than a common paper, it is accessible in 14pt-22pt.  Moreover, it is easy to mould this material in any shape.

  1. Eco-Friendly Kraft:

As the name itself demonstrates, these Kraft boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. It likewise the client's most ideal materiel as it is the main material that has no unsafe impact on the environment and is 100% condition well disposed.

  1. Corrugated:

Boxes are made of the cardboard and paper board. They have an extra fluted layer that adds the mechanical pressure to the boxes and increments its resistibility. Also, the corrugated boxes are profoundly appropriate for delivery purposes.

  1. Cardboard:

Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper having greater thickness and durability as compared to other available simple paper. Moreover, you can also change the thickness of cardboard boxes according to your products. Most of the times, people prefer 14pt thickness for cardboard.

Use Add-Ons To Give A Fascinating And Tantalizing Look:

To make the cookie packaging centre of attention, you have to give a captivating and alluring outlook to it. Many companies offer add-ons to achieve this goal. Let your bakery brand boost up sales with highly stunning and insanely creative packaging. Moreover, people can order their own cookie box as well if they have their ideas. Following are the embellishments that can help in making your product look more bewitching and appealing.


  • Foiling
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Window cut

Make your cookie packaging look more engrossing and luxurious with foiling in different colours. With the ever-growing trend of foiling, most of the packaging companies are now providing foiling in almost every colour. It is up to you whether you want to foil in the overall box or on a particular part of it. Moreover, foil stamping is also becoming high in demand in recent days.

Similarly, to make your brand look more prominent and highlighted, use embossing and debossing technique. You can also print embossed and debossed designs on the packaging. In embossing, the text is lifted above the surface. On the other hand, in debossing the text or design is recessed into the surface.

Window cut gives a mesmerizing look to the boxes. It attractively showcases the cookies. There are two types of window cut that companies mostly offer. In the die-cut window, you can see as well as touch the product at the same time. Whereas, PVC window contains a plastic sheet coverage that protects the cookies from environmental harm.

Cookies are favourite desserts for both children and youngsters. For this reason, the demand for cookie packaging is also increasing. DodoPackaging stands among top-rated companies. It has satisfied many customers with amazing and high-quality cookie boxes.

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