Discover Tasmania a new way : hire the spirit of Tasmania

Discover Tasmania a new way : hire the spirit of Tasmania

If you are bored of the ordinary vacations where you have to travel by the ordinary means of travel; then Tasmania has a very dynamic idea for its tourists to get to know this “land of inspiration”, better and meticulously. So if you are any time travelling to Tasmania, Australia; you should definitely go for the hiring of the spirit of Tasmania.

So why choose to travel around by the sea instead of the roads? There could be numerous answers to this question, but more than anything its about the perspective and the kind of mood you are in for to embark on this adventure. The spirit of Tasmania not only is just dynamic because it uses the water ways, but it also has an amazing range of services to offer once you are aboard. It offers alluring views as you sail your way through the journey. The fresh air and the splashes of the salty water with also views of the aquatic fauna of Tasmania; travelling through the spirit of Tasmania is one hell of a experience!

A relaxing and also a journey full of enthusiasm; brace yourself to enjoy this water ways adventure!

After you are done with the exploration of the Tasmania through the waterways; you can travel to the city’s capital, Hobart. Affordable accommodation at Hobart is made easy by LeisureRent as it welcomes its tourists to discover Tasmania more closely. We are just a call away and we will be there at your service to give you the best experience of Tasmania! We provide our customers campervan rental services throughout Tasmania. We make it as easy as possible. We provide direct campervan hiring from the Hobart Airport. So as soon as you land into the city, you do not have to waste your time looking for an affordable accommodation or travel to a hotel. You can drive throughout out the city and enjoy the city according to your own schedule.

We also provide direct campervan hiring from Devonport Airport. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation services that there are also options available for the rentals of the caravans throughout Tasmania provided by LeisureRent. We provide caravan hiring at Hobart. With caravans, you can drive your way through the crowded roads of the city easily as they are smaller in size than the campervans. They can also be easily parked.

Do keep in mind all these facts before you visit to Tasmania and make your journey indeed very fantastic!

LeisureRent offers excellent rental hire services of campervans throughout Tasmania; from Hobart, Launceston and Devonport at cheap and competitive prices. We’re well known for providing quality campervans among our customers. LeisureRent are well known for providing quality campervan hire from Hobart as well as offering services from Launceston and Devonport Tasmania.

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