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To mp3 OR not to mp3?

It's not too hard to find a free youtube-to-mp3 converter, but all of them has many ads that make them unuseful

So meet first totally free and no-ads youtube music finder!

Youtube Mp3 Finder

Here you can find any songs, any music that you like. Just put the name of preferred song or artist, put "Find" button, select needed item and push "Download" button. After that mp3 file will be stored on your device(MAC, PC, Phone, etc)

Also, that site has chart with hot trending music

No more ads, no more money, just connection to the internet and positive attitude

Also, you can find the story of certain song and the lyrics, for example:

"Lil Nas X (official name is Montero Lamar Hill) is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia (born April 9, 1999). Famous with popular hit called "Old Town Road". Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has become a massive hit after the song went viral due to the memes and jokes on the social-media platform TikTok. This catchy tune every day has over 78 million Spotify streams.

The single is produced by YoungKio, Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. Released on December 3, 2018, during the rise of the "Yeehaw Agenda" meme, a movement incorporating cowboy fashion and culture.

The official music video of this song is totally composed of clips and tracks from the Western adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2.

The lyrics of this song connected with real life and feelings of the singer. Lil Nas X commented that he just graduated from school, had no money, lived with sister, didn`t want to come back home, to come back to work and just wanted make music. So, It started off as a runaway, loner cowboy kind of story. When “I want to take a horse to the old town road and ride 'til I can't no more”. It obviously means that the hero of this song just gone and don`t want to come back.

It`s also triumphant kind of story. The horse doesn`t need so much for this way and old town road would be like that path to success. Of course, when the car came along, the horse was obsolete at that point. It means, that it`s not really worth to much and there is no need to be rich, but he have got to make something shake, because he is not going back to work. He doesn`t have so much resources, he is not famous, but our hero has something in his heart, the passion to do something happen. He has perseverance and “Can't nobody tell me nothing”.

The second part of verse is the future now. It`s what you can see a lot in Hollywood, adultery, all that. A “tractor” in the song means a new personal brand and all changes in lifestyle."



The MP3 files made a huge online impact. They successfully replaced the MIDI and WAV files, which were used at the time.  MP3 files also allowed for the creation of various music portals. MP3 files were smaller than any other music file at the time and at the same time - offering sound quality similar to that of the audio CDs. 

MP3 files are also easy to decode, which made online streaming easier - the easier a file is to decode, the less CPU power is required for the process and the process can be carried out faster.

MP3 quickly became a big industry, with a lot of musical portals selling .mp3 files online. This made the fight for the best domain name with mp3 in it a very heated one. Now, an attractive domain name containing mp3 can be bought for no less than several thousand dollars

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