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Best YouTube to Mp4 Converter | Youtube to Mp4 Downloader

As we all love to listen to music and the music is also considered as a piece of heart. Everyone in the world be it a small kid to an old person everyone just loves to watch music songs or audios whenever they are free or getting bored. As music also helps an individual to remove boredom in one’s life so it is the best part of the entertainment as well.

But whenever we need to listen to any music or a video we usually visit YouTube and watch video songs online from there. But have you ever wonder many times when is no Intenet access the entertainment is stopped. So in order to continue with it here is the YouTube2video best YouTube to Mp4 converter. 

As we all know in order to download music we need the best Mp4 video Downloader which can help you to easily download your favourite videos for free and in just a few seconds. Are you aware of some best YouTube to Mp4 video downloaders? If no then don’t worry here are some best YouTube to Mp4 Downloaders which are completely safe and helps you to download your favourite music tracks for free.

Lists Of Best YouTube to Mp4 Video Downloader:

1.    FbTube: The best YouTube to Mp4 Video Downloader which most of us like is FbTube. Using FbTube is very easy as it helps the users to easily download their unlimited favourite YouTube videos for free and in best quality. Anyways apart from YouTube videos now you can also download your favourite Facebook videos. FbTube is also one of the best Online Facebook Video Downloader. Many of us see videos shared on various social media and at times we feel to download it to share it with friends and families. So now Fbtube is one which can help you to download it from any social media platform.
2.    YouTube2Video: The other best YouTube to Mp4 converter is YouTube2video. The best part of this converter is that it helps the users to download their favourite videos in various different languages. It follows seven different languages i.e English, Français, Español, Deutsch, 日本語, русский, 中文简体
3.    YtbConverter: YtbConverter is again the best YouTube Video Converter and the best YouTube Video Downloader. From here you can download your music files for free and in best quality. The best part of this converter is it assures the users that the quality of videos after download won’t hamper. From here you can easily download all the YouTube Video directly for free and in just a few seconds.

All these 3 Video Downloaders are the best to use and are completely safe video downloaders as downloading files does not evolve of any injected viruses.

So if you need to know how to download YouTube or Facebook videos from these converters then you can easily follow the steps as provided below:

Steps to download Facebook or YouTube videos using these converters are:

There are two ways to download your favourite videos for free.  So now check out your favourite way and download the videos songs for free from any of these websites.

Method1: Copying the URL from YouTube
In order to download videos from YouTube then follow these easy few steps as mentioned below.
Step1: Open YouTube website and select the video song that you need to download.
Step2: After selecting your favourite video just Copy the URL of the Video.
Step3: After copying the URL simply open any of the one sites as listed above.
Step4: After opening any of these sites like you opened just simply paste the URL on the header box as provided on the each of the websites.
Step5: After that just simply click on the convert video button and select your favourite video format and hit on the download button and enjoy your downloaded file for free.
Method2: Directly Downloading Video from the websites
The other way to download YouTube video is just by simply visiting any of these sites and directly searching for the video with the name of the songs or with the singer’s name directly on the header box as placed on the websites.  So now visit these sites and directly Download YouTube Videos to Mp4 for free.

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