Impact of AI and Robotics on Employment

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Impact of AI and Robotics on Employment

The impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on job opportunities has always been the subject of much speculation. When it comes to organizing and manipulating data, dealing with complex mathematical problems and performing tasks in the blink of an eye, AI and robotics are the preferred choices. Artificial intelligence has penetrated almost every sector, from construction, transportation, and manufacturing to business intelligence, education and healthcare. It is not surprising then that many Silicon Valley personalities, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, believe that artificial intelligence can not only support and enhance existing jobs but also create new roles.

However, like any other technology, artificial intelligence and robotics also require dedicated training courses. This has created the need for courses in artificial intelligence, preparing professionals for a new wave of change induced by innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence training in Hyderabad.

New Job Requirements:

The AI and Robotics sector never fail to impress people with innovations. Tasks that were previously considered extremely complex have now been simplified, giving professionals a wider space to focus on other tasks. In addition, the proliferation of AI techniques has another advantage. As the number of AI and robotics devices increases, so does the need for professional roles to support and maintain their operations.

As a result, there will be a demand for professionals who understand robotics and AI at every stage of the development cycle. This equates to an increase of at least two-thirds of the current employment scenario. In a recent study by Capgemini, nearly 80% of the 1,000 companies implementing artificial intelligence said they would hire AI and robotics professionals to take up new positions.

Need for trained professionals:

The impact of AI and robotics on employment goes far beyond job creation. Artificial intelligence, then robotics, are niche technologies that require a thorough understanding of all associated parameters. As a result, there is a massive demand for performing microteaching tasks, such as data analysis and virtual imaging that require a significant level of expertise. This means that there is a steadily growing market for professionals capable of performing these tasks, as evidenced by the rapid popularity of artificial intelligence courses.

Innovative functions:

In a study conducted by Michael Page on professionals about the impact of AI and robotics in their industry, the majority of survey participants were eager to see AI generate more innovative and challenging positions. Interestingly, these professionals were not limited to the information technology industry but also worked in manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, and accounting. Advances in AI and robotics will enable machines to efficiently and quickly perform heavier and longer tasks, enabling professionals to take on more innovative roles. Examples of these innovations are already available in the form of driverless cars and automated health care assistants, resulting in increased efficiency altogether.

Training, Research, and Development:

As with all other technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics will only flourish through innovation. In a macroscopic perspective, the industry is still in its infancy and much remains to be discovered and implemented. This leads us to focus on new employment opportunities in AI and robotics, namely research, development, and skills enhancement. Some of the leading technology companies are already applying for artificial intelligence instructor positions, data analysis and architectural specialists, statistical modeling, machine learning, numerical intelligence, psychology, mathematics, neuroscience, and linguistics.

As robotics progresses to more and more areas of intelligence and human tasks, research and development to perfect robotic models are in demand. Companies investing in AI and robotics are always looking for experienced professionals in their research, and development department who can research and drive innovations in their existing prototypes.

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