Russia based Server Hosting with High Availability and Isolated Environment

Russia based Server Hosting with High Availability and Isolated Environment

Russia VPS Server Hosting:

With a Russia VPS Server, you can remain assured of getting reliable VPS, high performance and easy scalability located in Tier III datacenter at Moscow.

There are web hosting service providers in Russia that offer both managed and unmanaged Russia VPS hosting with a port speed of 100 Mbps. The VPS servers in Russia are furnished with 100 Mbps network connectivity and 1TB data transfer bandwidth within affordable rates. The providers offer KVM architecture supported VPS hosting solutions along with effective services and live support for gearing up your business right to the peak. With VPS servers in Russia, you can remain assured of getting some of the greatest advantages.

The high performance 1 core nodes are specifically constructed for offering 99.98% uptime along with top quality solutions. You also get the option of upgrading your VPS plan at any time. The VPS servers can be set up within a very short span of time and there are even add-on management solutions provided within one to six hours.

Russia-Based Server Hosting:

Russia Dedicated Server Hosting comes as one of the best solutions for all those individuals and businesses that are in the look out of solid performance in combination with extra security and speed. Russia Dedicated Server is specifically designed to perfectly match the highest assignment requirements. All Russia Dedicated Server hosting solutions come powered by solid and super fast processors and not to forget the KVM technology. Linux/Windows operating systems are commonly available along with Centos, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

Complete Flexibility for the Consumers:

A Dedicated server in Russia available from Onlive Server comes as one of the best ways for handling unlimited traffic. The servers also speak of extreme performance and speed. Dedicated server hosting providers like Onlive Server always strive to improve their technology for delivering a wide assortment of innovative and beneficial Russia Dedicated solutions and products along with professional consumer services. The Moscow-based data center is built with major emphasis on high performance and reliability. It is also worth noting that the servers are powered by solid-state drives that tend to be faster in comparison to the common hard disk drives for ensuring best hosting experience and speed. There is complete flexibility offered to the consumers. They get the freedom of adding CPU, storage space and RAM to all their Russia Dedicated Server hosting packages.

Full Root Access:

With KVM VPS hosting plans, the consumers get complete root accessibility. This allows them to reboot their Moscow VPS servers anytime. In the control panel section, you get cPanel, Plesk, ZPanel, Ajenti and Kloxo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions in the category of Russia VPS server hosting are as follows:

Q: What is VPS?

Ans: VPS is virtual private server is basically a virtual machine that is provided with an operating system that is generally Linux-based. The server also comes with a guaranteed amount of system resources. VPS offers the same freedom as dedicated servers but at a price that is quite budget-friendly.

Q: Is it possible to use VPS for gaming servers?

Ans: The installation of gaming servers is possible only on VPS solutions that are KVM-based. The use of Moscow-based servers for different games and various other resource-heavy applications is completely forbidden and might result in automatic halt of the entire server of the application.

Q: What is VPS server network speed and bandwidth?

Ans: There is absolutely no limit on the connection speed of a VPS server. All the available bandwidths are shared between all the virtual servers available on a host node. Here, the nodes remain connected to the routers at the speed of 100 Mbps depending on the location of the server.

Q: Are system administrator solutions included?

Ans: Majority of the providers in Russia offer unmanaged solutions, which means that all back-up, software set-up and other administrative activities are the responsibility of the customers.

Q: What is Pay for Resources payment plan?

Ans: By way of this plan the users need to pay only for the resources that they use.

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