Authentic Indian Food New Jersey Taste of India Restaurant Philadelphia

Real authentic Indian food in New Jersey

Authentic Indian Food New Jersey Taste of India Restaurant Philadelphia

Real authentic Indian food in New Jersey!Does that excite you at all? Well it should do coz there is a big difference between what you get & what you get shown. Every other restaurant serving the Indian cuisine seems to be claiming they are doing the best Indian food. But are they really? Yes New Jersey does serve Indian food but does require a reality check, try & taste! Come to us- Cross Culture! Want the taste of the Real India? The heat, the tang, the flavours, the richness, the textures.  All so tantalizing. No doubt there is a spectrum of Indian Restaurants here in Philadephia but the only way to be able to check the authenticity of the taste &flavours is to do a proper taste check. We would want you to come to us- Cross Culture!

Cross Culturefeatures food that is truly the taste of India, it is the taste the India Restaurant in Philadelphia. The food isflavor packed contemporary Indian cuisine that are made wholesome with the right balances of the Indian spices that promise to warm your soul.They serve you great food in great setting- they are all about the tone, the food is just an add on that paints the whole ambiance and atmosphere that you will just love. Not just that thecross Culture staff  isvery warm,quirky bunch that are also great courteous hosts too. The chore is the very Indian core with contemporary effervescence. Cross culture serves delicacies that don’t just impress you but make you come back to Cross Culture over and over again. Genuine Indian food is served there, be it starters, main course or the rich Indian deserts. Theyplate dishes that please both Vegetarian and non vegetarian palettes alike with special attention given to the vegan and gluten free food. Modish garb to Indian cuisine is something that is the latest thing. It is certainly an interesting combination as what is served is a delight not just to the eyes but a total treat to the palettes too. A marriage between traditional tastes & the modish visuals. Gulabjamun cheese cake? Tandoori chicken pizza? We are Cross Culture! Tasty, delicious, mouth watering, tantalizing and oh yeah all VEGAN! We DON’T  just simply minus the animal meat & animal products & jazz it all up with horrendously more cheese & olive oil! Hell no! We love to give our customers the varied delights that has come to please your distinguished palattes at Cross Culture.

If the genuinely Indian food is what you are craving then this is the place to be at, you wont know till you have savored the taste and flavors the real authentic India that feels, tastes, smells like India on a plate- It is all about the richness, depth of flavours, the heat, the aftertaste. That’s Cross Culture. You will love it, it is a place that be vouched for. So next time when you are hit by – want something Desi! You know exactly where to reach, who to call, what to order and it’s a promise you will keep coming back for more each time.

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