Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Son of a Real Estate Developer Malik Riaz Hussain Biography

Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Son of a Real Estate Developer Malik Riaz Hussain Biography

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a person who lives in Pakistan, and they are a successful real estate developer and leading entrepreneur in his father's company. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik had dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur since childhood, so he is known among billionaires today and is working as CEO in his father's company. When talking about the company, the name of the company is Bahria Town, which is located in Pakistan, it is a big success for them to work as a CEO in this company.

He took his company to the point where it was very difficult to take it, but he faced the challenges well as he taught him to fight hard and continued to touch the heights. There are many people inside the real estate industry who have achieved success, out of which their names are also counted, and the way they have done social work is also wonderful, and you should know what they have done a lot of social work. Working in his father's company in the corporate industry was a challenge for him as he had no knowledge at first, and he later learned about this vision from his father while playing sports and built his own empire. Creating an empire of its own is the hallmark of a successful person who has been shown by Ali Riaz Malik and within the real estate industry.

His Education & Personal Life

We know that without education, nothing is possible that you will be able to make a good career. You think that if you want to be successful, then you have to work hard for it, so it is important that your education is also good and you should work well on that which was done by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik and today they have become a successful business person. By working in his father's company, he turned his company into a billion-dollar company and touched heights in that industry by being counted among wealthy families. Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town was born in Rawalpindi. He lives in Pakistan and is one of the richest families.

His family is well known in his city, and his father in the real estate industry is a developer of the real estate industry, and after completing his education, he stepped into his father's company to fulfill his dream. Talking about his personal life, he was married in 2003, after which his wife also started helping in his work or businesses. On the other hand, his wife is also doing some social work. His wife's name is Mubashra Ali Malik, and he is donating food to poor people. His wife's family is a rich family and handles sugar refineries in Pakistan, which is at a higher level.

Career & Projects

As soon as he completed his education, he thought of making his career in the real estate industry. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town is the son of Malik Riaz Hussain, a well-known real estate developer of Bahria Town in Pakistan. Since childhood, Ahmed Ali Riaz started to understand his father's work in Malik, and he wanted him to do something in Pakistan that people should know about Pakistan. To become a successful entrepreneur, it is necessary that you have good skills, and you can bring change in the society, then he surprised with his marketing strategy.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is working as CEO in Bahria Town, and he has run a lot of real estate projects these days. He has run projects such as parks, tennis courts, and malls in Bahria Town, which promotes tourist attraction. He thought of making Iceland City for the first time in Pakistan.

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