Surfing and Extreme Sports Equipment - Guide for Beginners

Surfing equipment is an integral part of making your overall adventure experience worth remembering. There are many important things that you must equip with apart from your surfboard and wetsuits

Are you fed up by the daily routine activities and repetitive tasks that you long have been doing? If yes, then try out something extremely thrilling, breathtaking, exciting and fun activities such as extreme sports. These action sports are sure to give you adrenalin rush that you must be willing for. However, owing to the risk associated with extreme sports, there are many famous brands that offer a wide array of safety gear and equipment.

In this guide, you will learn about the most basic yet essential surfing equipment that you must have. Have a glance below;

Choosing the Surfboard

As a beginner, you must know that a quality surfboard is the most essential item that you must have for surfing. There are different kinds of surfboards available in the market. Depending on your skills and level of performance, you must decide which board will serve the purpose effectively. The Malibu surfboard is commonly used by the beginners since it is bigger, thicker and easier to stand on. 

Surfboard Fins

Fins are attached to the bottom of the surfboard as it helps in supporting the board on the waves. There are various forms of boards that come with detachable as well as fixed glassed fins. You are the boss of you, so choose the one that suits you.


Surfwear is another important surfing gear that you must choose wisely. There are different board shorts and wetsuits made specifically for surfing. If the weather is moderate, you can enjoy surfing in board shorts. However, if the water is freezing, buy wetsuits made of insulating material to keep the body warm and protected. Many surf brands manufacturers are designing highly engineered, performance-oriented, lightweight, and super stretchy wetsuits in vibrant colors. They not merely look good but also functional. 

Leashes for Surfboard

The surfboard leashes are an important part of the surfing equipment. These are used to affix your legs with the board. It ensures that your feet don’t get out of the board while floating on the waves. 

Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax is an essential item in the overall surfing equipment. These are used to produce grip on the board and keep you safe from slipping. 

Deck Grips

Deck grips are another alternative to wax. You can either use wax on the board or instead apply permanent deck grips. Both are easy to apply and help you in surfing.

Board Bags

To keep your surfboard in a good working condition, you must buy a board bag. These bags are available in various styles such as hard cases, soft board bags, and sock. It is important to use a surf bag to keep it safe while traveling and storing. 

Foam Covers

Due to consistent wave dashing, surfboard’s tail and nose get damage. It is, therefore, necessary to use foam covers to protect your board from being damaged. 

First Aid Kit

As a beginner, you must know that surfing is an extreme sport. So as a precautionary measure, you must keep a first aid kit with you before you leave for surfing activity. 

Surfing has become a widely recognized sport and there are many leading brands that are designing and offering high-quality surf equipment are accessories. You can buy them from onsite and online stores easily. 

Top Extreme Sports Brands 

Rip Curl, GoPro, Volcom, Hurley, Billabong, Vans, Element, Dakine, Nike SB, Levi’s, Jobe, Garmin, Fitbit, and O'Neill are the few top extreme sports equipment brands that are globally known for their high-quality gears and accessories.

Roxy has entered the market with its exclusive range of products that gained huge popularity among surfers and extreme sports enthusiasts. The brand has seriously contributed to the world of snowboarding. Roxy is the only brand that targeted its attention towards the female surfers. Roxy introduced the snowboards made only for girls. 

Water skiing and wakeboarding are recognized as one of the most popular water sports in recent times. The joy of nature boost with the perfect combination of sun, sand, and water that every outdoor enthusiast will surely love to enjoy. Extreme sports also celebrated as action sports are the activities that are prone to a high level of danger and risk. Owing to this reason, every extreme sports lover must possess the right expertise and the proper equipment and accessories to have a safe and pleasing experience.

Wakeboarding Equipment

Wakeboarding essentially requires just two main components which are a board and a boat. These boards are typically made of fiberglass and foam. The foam helps maintained the buoyancy element which is essential in this type of sports. The bindings and fins are attached with the metal screws to the board. These bindings and fins are adjustable and you can set it differently as per the needs. 

Water Skiing Equipments

The most critical component of water skiing is skis, and surely a boat. It is important to pick the right length of ski and ski line as it greatly affects your performance. It is therefore essential to have appropriate extreme sports equipment before you head towards the mountain slopes for snowboarding or skateboarding.  

  • Always wear a safety helmet

  • Layers and gloves to keep your body warm despite the freezing temperature 

There are numerous leading brands that are offering reliable and powerful equipment for skiing, wakeboarding, ski diving, snowboarding, and skateboarding. These brands earned a solid reputation and a trusted name in the industry of extreme water sports after years of dedication and commitment. There are online stores where you can buy this equipment with ease. 

For a rewarding snowboarding experience, you must choose the proper set of equipment and accessories that will eventually determine your success or failure. You need to choose the right kind of snowboard, boots, binding, jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, helmets, stomp pad and leash. All these equipment are necessary to have before you start your adventure. 


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