Tips to do laundry

Tips to do laundry

Check out some amazing tips to do laundry

Bring your temperature

First, please follow the laundry service in Dubai maintenance tag. In general, the rules are: Cold is used for fine fabrics, shrinkable items, and sensitive dark colors. Warm for medium dirt and artificial fabrics.

Keep the white clothes bright

When your whites start to turn gray or yellow, consider the following factors: you may not be using enough detergent to clean your clothes, the water temperature may be too low white water works better in hot water; Clothes contaminate clothes and clog dirty, dirty clothes! Reapply the contaminated load and try a bleaching product that is safe for the washed fabric.

Prevent discoloration

Dark clothes are washed before washing and drying to reduce wear and passivation. Also check the temperature of the water: it may be too hot for colored pieces. Check the care label of laundry service in Dubai.

Prevent shrinkage

When the fabric is relaxed usually between 1% and 3%, the shrinkage occurs mainly in the washing machine. The best laundry service in Dubai find the way to avoid turning large chunks into small pieces is to follow the care label. If machine wash is allowed, use the cold water setting to hang the product or lower the dryer to the minimum setting. Be careful - once something narrows, you run into problems.

Pre-treatment technique

The more stained you are, the more likely you are to get rid of it completely. Leaving the item dyed the day of the laundry will prevent the garment from recovering completely.

Food stains

Use some water and soap to remove some of the most unpleasant stains on your food - think ketchup, blueberries, curries and oils. After blotting the stain, apply a quarter of the size of the detergent directly to the cotton or polyester-cotton fabrics (avoid using them on delicate fabrics such as silk), cover the stained area and rub with fingers. Remember that you always want to test on a small area to make sure the material is not damaged. Then, ideally, wash as soon as possible.

Fine fabric

For delicate fabrics or stains that are difficult to dye, oxygen bleach is the main ingredient in removing contaminants. It is safer to use than bleach and can be used in color. It is best to be careful, so be sure to read the care label and first test a small area on the fabric. You can pretreat with 1 part vinegar and 5 parts water before washing.

Find the right detergent

If you like the scent of rustic grass, choose the brand that meets your sensory needs. For feature priority, please read:

Liquid detergents help pre-treat stains and remove food.

The powder is suitable for general loads (it is also very suitable for lifting dirt from the ground).

The Super version is a small package of concentrated liquid or powder designed to offer you more benefits. As it requires less for each use, it lasts longer and the packaging takes up less space.

HE or high-efficiency detergents reduce foam levels and prevent color transfer in high efficiency or low water consumption machines (8-gallon colors instead of 12-17).

Laundry Service in Dubai

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