How To Learn Salesforce From Trailhead?

How To Learn Salesforce From Trailhead?

The platform of Salesforce CRM is considerably vast. Although it was essentially developed to automate and simplify business processes, the platform itself can be pretty complicated to understand in full. There are several specific tools, platforms, components, objects, records, reports, fields and add-ons that come with Salesforce, all serving specific purposes.

It is very important for a Salesforce professional, especially someone working in a Salesforce development company, to be well versed with all major Salesforce tools and platforms. This is what has elevated the status of Salesforce from just a CRM platform to an entire field of study. Just like you need to study medicine to become a doctor and law to become a lawyer, you need to study the platform of Salesforce in order to become an efficient Salesforce professional.

There are numerous Salesforce training courses that offer online and on-premise training sessions for aspirants wanting to be trained in understanding and operating Salesforce. However, the most trusted and sought after training platform is that of Trailhead. Let’s answer the question, “What is Trailhead?” before getting into any details regarding the platform.
 Trailhead is essentially an online training platform owned by Salesforce that helps beginners as well as experienced professionals in getting productive insights into Salesforce and obtaining a thorough knowledge of the same. It is an interactive platform that is free of cost and can be accessed by anyone wanting to gain knowledge pertaining to any aspect or feature of Salesforce. The training sessions in Salesforce Trailhead are systematically divided into various Trails. Each of these Salesforce Trails is dedicated to a specific aspect or feature of Salesforce. 

One of the best qualities of Salesforce Trailhead is the fact that it ensures step-by-step training. Once you have logged into and chosen a trail according to your preference, the platform would not allow you to move on to succeeding sessions unless you have completely understood the aspects dealt in the preceding sessions. Each of these training sessions includes several theoretical and practical tests to check the knowledge you have gained up to the concerned stage and whether you are eligible to obtain more advanced training. 

Another key advantage of Salesforce Trailhead is the fact that it gamifies the otherwise tedious process of Salesforce Training. For the vast and complicated Salesforce components, Trailhead makes sure you have fun while understanding the concepts, helping you retain information for a longer period of time. The platform also provides the users with Salesforce Trailhead badges on achieving a milestone and clearing a training session successfully. This serves as a motivational tool to keep going ahead and getting trained without feeling any monotony or burden of the same. 

Salesforce Trailhead can be an ideal training platform for individuals wanting to obtain Salesforce Certifications. These certifications provide official credentials to the professionals wanting to land desired jobs in reputed business organisations. Whether you want to become an established Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Consultant or Salesforce Administrator, Trailhead has enough training material to ensure you are well-equipped for your certification examination. 

Here are some of the most important Salesforce Trails:

  • Grow Faster With CRM – This Trail is specifically designed for beginners. If you hardly have any idea about Salesforce as a CRM platform, this Trail would help you out by providing an overview of the platform.
  • Admin Beginner Trail – This Trail makes you well-versed with the aspect of data modelling and introduces you to efficient data management practices.
  • Get Started With Lightning – This Trail provides all the necessary information pertaining to Salesforce Lightning and how it can be used to perform advances CRM activities. 
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