Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer Review, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat

Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer Review, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat

Actually, think about enjoying toast food but without typically the guilt of adding ins to your waist? When yes, then you need to get an air fryer in your kitchen area. With an air fryer, you may enjoy your entire favourite fried foods that usually are cooked inside a healthy approach. Air fryers use extremely little or no oil to cook ingredients within super hot air in addition to these appear to become crispy on the exterior and tender on typically the inside. With modern air flow fryers, you can bid farewell to oily, unhealthy food and start enjoying food that is tasty and healthy because well.

The Philips Airfryer combines the best of modern technology and ease regarding use. It provides a huge cooking capacity and the ability to be able to cook an array of dishes. Together with this air fryer, you may cook food with 75% less fat. It's just amazing! This versatile atmosphere fryer is a need to for each and every modern kitchen. Inside this review, let's have a look at the particular key features, advantages and disadvantages associated with Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer Review.

Important Features of Philips Airfryer HD9220/26

The Philips Airfryer HD9220/26 is a distinctive kitchen appliance that may offer you many healthy food preparation choices in the cooking area. You cannot only fry in this air fryer, yet you can also make, roast, and grill in this air fryer. The superior construction ensures strength and you could enjoy cooking in this specific air fryer for yrs to come. Let's look into some of the crucial highlights of this air fryer.

Rapid Air Technology

The particular rapid air technology in the air fryer can make cooking quick and successful. Whether you're making France fries or cooking veggies, you can get done in a fraction of the moment it would take one to cook the same inside oil. The hot air flow circulates in the air fryer to be able to reach every part of the ingredients to help in equal and regular food preparation. Besides, the food cooked in the air fryer has less or simply no oil and it likes just like fried foods.

Starfish Design

The camp regarding the air fryer includes a unique starfish design with regard to the proper circulation of hot air with the ingredients. The particular design also helps to ensure that air gets circulated quickly by means of the fryer. As a new result, food gets grilled quickly also to perfection.

No Smell

Cooking with oil often fills up a particular house with unpleasant odours, but cooking with atmosphere fryer means there are simply no such smells. The fast air technology cooks meals with no or no oil and that allows to prevent almost any smells emanating from your cooking. Therefore, you can fry, roast, and grill in the air fryer with ease and create scrumptious food for your current whole family.

Easy to be able to Clean

The air fryer has a removable basket of which is dishwasher safe and you could wash it with the rest of utensils in the dishwasher. The base of typically the air fryer is furthermore straightforward to clean with a new damp cloth and soapy water. In case typically the removable basket gets too dirty, you can permit it to soak in warm water and wash it with hand to guarantee it's completely clean.

Essential oil Free Food preparation

This atmosphere fryer cooks with up to 75% less excess fat. Dishes like Chocolate bars preference crunchy on the outdoors and soft on the inside. In case a new dish requires the add-on of oil, it won't take more than the tablespoon of a gentle drizzle of oil to cook the food to efficiency. You can now take pleasure in healthy meals that are cooked in the atmosphere just as you'd make them in oil.


This air fryer is actually a spacious unit and you may cook a lot of meals in one go. They have the capacity of 1. 75 lbs which will be equivalent to a total bag of fries. A person can also cook additional dishes in this kind of meat, vegetables, and a lot more. Whether you're cooking for one or for a smaller family, this air fryer makes cooking easy and quick.

Simple Functioning

It is very straightforward to cook foods with this air fryer. Just add the ingredients, opt for the temperature and set the termes conseillés. That's all. Once the particular timer is complete, typically the air fryer will title ping to let you realize that cooking is done in addition to the food is all set to eat. The car shut down mode ensures that food doesn't get burned up or overcooked after the cooking session is finished.

Contemporary Design

The air fryer was created in a method that it looks incredible within the kitchen shelf. The particular sleek curved design is suitable for almost any kitchen. When your kitchen has tiny space, then that is the particular ideal air fryer for you personally.

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