Why MVNO's Are offering unique solutions from Traditional Service Providers

Why MVNO's Are offering unique solutions from Traditional Service Providers

MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, allow you to have substantial flexibility with your plan while paying far less than you would with a traditional provider. Let’s look at the unique solutions that MVNOs are providing- and one challenge that they have when it comes to competing with the big companies.

You’ll Save Money

The number one reason why people switch to MVNOs is to save money. Since MVNOs have less overhead, they can sell you service for a lower rate. You’ll often find MVNO plans to be far lower than those of traditional carriers, and as a bonus, they’ll come with far fewer fees!

Since many of us find our phone bill to be one of the biggest expenses of the month, a chance to cut back on this big bill is a welcome relief! Many MVNOs give you excellent service for a fraction of what you spend on a “regular” phone bill over the course of your month. That alone is incentive enough to switch!

MVNOs that partner with good MNVE’s like Telgoo5 offer you all of the services that you’d expect from traditional companies, like seamless billing, great customer service and uninterrupted service. You won’t sacrifice quality when you opt for an MNVE!

You Can Select Your Plan

Talk about getting the best of all worlds! The big telecom companies are famous for letting you customize your plan- for a cost. MVNOs give you the option of choosing your plan, but for a fraction of the cost. There are certain MVNOs that also serve niche markets, so they have specific plans that cater to different demographics. Simply by doing a little research, you’ll be able to get the right plan for you!

Telgoo5 offers itemized biling so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. This is a huge perk when you are customizing your plan!

There Are Generally No Contracts

One major are that MVNOs differ from traditional providers is that they do not hold their customers to contracts. The big providers will often rope you into a multi-year contract with big penalties if you cancel it! You don’t have to worry about that with MVNOs. If you want to switch your provider, you can.

MNVOs offer the best of both worlds. As they are generally affiliated with MNVEs like Telgoo5, you can expect professional service and white-glove treatment without the pesky contracts of the bigger companies.

You Can Use Any Device That You Want

Guess what? MVNOs welcome all different phone devices into the fold. Most of them will allow you to use any device with their plans, meaning that you don’t have to purchase a specific phone in order to tap into what your MVNO has to offer. Since phone plans are often a huge part of your monthly bill with traditional providers, consider this to be a huge bonus. MVNOs are much more flexible than the more traditional options.

Even so, you’ll still get itemized bills that go through all of your transactions in detail. Companies like Telgoo5 utilize sophisticated billing software that works specifically with each MNVO to make sure that all of their customers are being served properly.

But… What’s The Catch

We promised that we’d discuss one challenge that MVNOs have as they stack up to traditional carriers. MVNOs usually have less on-site infrastructure, which allows them to pass on savings to their end customers but also means that they have   when it comes to customer service and billing. In short, MVNOs have trouble scaling properly because they don’t have the infrastructure in place to support large expansions.

Customers do not want to lose service, have trouble with their billing, or not be able to speak with a customer service representative when they need to. That’s why smart MVNOs turn to MVNEs like Telgoo5 that can provide them with the infrastructure that they need to run behind the scenes! Telgoo5 is an MVNE that makes sure all of the bases are covered for your MVNO, including billing with secure gateways, consistent communication, and a full service back office call center. We pride ourselves on having a billing system that’s all about you- the end customer!

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