Exercise and health

During their bachelor studies, they deal with the interactions between health and exercise as well as nutrition from a scientific-sports-scientific perspective.

The aim of the study program is the development of scientifically based movement interventions in the health sector. These can be preventative, ie prevent certain diseases and abnormalities, or be part of a treatment strategy or treatment alternatives.

The program is characterized by the close linkage of the practical training with the theoretical modules. Core subjects are: sports medicine, training science, sports psychology, movement science and nutrition science.


What you should bring with you

There is no special sport practical aptitude test. Students should bring a great enthusiasm for sport and movement. Good knowledge of mathematical and scientific subjects as well as English is required.

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Exercise and health


Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt Bewegung und Gesundheit

The field of activity Exercise and Health deals with the topic of physical activity promotion in the spectrum between the individual movement-related health competence and the possibilities of action for health promotion in certain "settings". On the one hand, e.g.

Interventions for motor control and motor learning in people with illnesses are being investigated or possibilities for initiating physical-active lifestyles in physical therapy, also using digital technologies. On the other hand, in direct exchange with practice, new ways are developed for sustainable and structurally anchored physical activity, e.g. developed in occupational education or health care.


The overarching goal of the study program is to provide the graduates with competencies in diagnostics, prevention and intervention in essential fields of application of sports and health sciences from an interdisciplinary perspective. By taking into account the various stages of development across the lifespan, students are also enabled to embark on a holistic scientific and practice-oriented approach.

For an effective health support or an effective health promotion it is necessary to record the actual and target state, taking into account various health relevant biopsychosocial influences. These competences are taught in the same way as preventive and intervening biopsychosocial health care or health promotion measures.

To date, this master's program is unique with a cross-module view of diagnostics, prevention and intervention, including human development phases. The thematically complementary modules "Health Sport", "Nutrition", "Motor Performance", "Sports and Movement Medicine", "Epidemiology", "Public Health", "Health Psychology" and "Health Education" will apply applicable biopsychosocial knowledge to those for the Human health relevant areas of expertise. Based on this knowledge, students can specialize in one of five specializations. In addition to the academic qualification, the aim is to acquire further key qualifications, which are either taught in the modules or acquired in supervised internships.


In addition, there are two optional modules "Occupational Competences" and "Extra-Competences". Due to the practical parts of the studies, the degree is accompanied by an immediate professional qualification. The concept of the degree program is based on international role models (eg at the Universities of Basel and Maastricht) and thus provides the perspective for international cooperation. In determining the contents of the degree program, particular care was taken to ensure that all requirements were legitimized by their relation to the course objectives.


Target groups

In terms of goals and content, the program is aimed at interested parties who would like to take a closer look at sports and health science and see their perspectives in the relevant scientific and practical occupational fields. Applicants' favorable prerequisites are scientific and mathematical competencies, but also a sport and health practice anchoring, which is helpful insofar as the connection between science and practice can be realized more easily. It can be assumed that the decision to study for a Master's degree program indicates a high level of commitment and close ties to the subject.

The target group for the program "Exercise & Health - Diagnostics, Prevention & Intervention in the Life Span, MSc." are therefore students of sports and health science with a bachelor's degree, who have an affinity for the (natural) scientific treatment of phenomena of sport and health and see their professional field there. It is to be expected that many of the current students of the bachelor program "Sports Science" and "Scientific Foundations of Sport" fulfill this requirement.

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