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First of all, many thanks for your interesting testimonials and topic requests that you sent us last month. Some of you would like to know which skincare products are best for the summer, and that's what this post should be about.

Our skin consists of about 70% water. Once you're really aware of that, the question is not what to eat at least 2-3 liters of fluid daily. Although this is partly also about the food, nevertheless you should try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water, unsweetened juice spritzers or teas. That's how you prepare yourself from the inside for the summer. But that alone is not enough. Those who have spent most of the last weeks before the holidays indoors should slowly and carefully prepare their skin for the summer sun. 

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But who thinks now, just a few visits to the solarium, which is completely wrong, because the "artificial sun" does not increase the UV protection of the skin - on the contrary: it provides temporarily for tan, but not for the necessary thickening of the skin upper skin layer. Short walks in the sun are the better solution. Basically, one should be aware of this on his own skin type, because it is crucial when it comes to the duration of sunbathing. You can find our skin type test here.

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Once the skin type has been determined, it is easy to find a skin type appropriate sun lotion. Basically, it is important that the lotions protect against UVA and UVB. The brighter the skin, the higher the sun protection factor (SPF) should be. But even with the most effective sun lotion on the face, it is advisable to avoid the blazing midday sun.


Dry skin must be moisturized in the summer, otherwise the tan will be uneven and will only last for a short while. Fat-rich care products can be safely dispensed with. Aloe Vera skin care products can help, but hyaluronan serums and face masks are also great for daily skin care to prepare for long summer days - but they're not a substitute for sunscreen.

That I swear especially in the case of a sunburn on Aloe Vera products, you could already read in one of my last posts. To get rid of the unpleasant redness, I recommend you the aloe vera mask and the moisture mask of Schaebens. Incidentally, you can strengthen the soothing cooling effect by first placing the masks in the fridge. Alternatively, you can also grab the Aloe Vera Hydration Gel. 

The gel can be applied directly to the face or a cloth soaked in it. In case of severe sunburn, you can make ice cubes from the gel and paint them over the affected areas. This not only cools, but effectively soothes the redness.For the summery everyday life, there are plenty of day cream and make-up products that are equipped with a sun protection factor and bring your skin safely through the summer. But as soon as you want to enjoy a bath in the sun, unfortunately you will not miss a sun lotion.

Beauty: Skin care in the summer

We love the summer, the sun, the fresh air - and the golden color our skin gets. But exactly for the skin is the hard work. What you should consider when taking care of the skin in summer, we explain today.

Summer care for the skin

In contrast to winter, the skin needs less fat in summer, but more moisture. So it makes sense to have one for the winter and one for the summer. The higher temperatures in summer and the humidity increase perspiration, which makes the skin naturally greasier in summer than in winter. In addition, it is dried out by chemicals in swimming pools or salt water. Supply of moisture is therefore called for.

Skincare in the summer Important basis of the summer skin care is in any case the UV-protection, because the strong solar radiation claims the skin enormously. We recommend a moisturizing day cream with SPF. For trips to the beach, the pool or for hiking, you should of course all exposed skin with cream lotion. This not only protects against sunburn, but also against premature skin aging and at best against skin cancer. Very important: do not forget the sunscreen lips. Lip gloss with sun protection factor should be used daily.

Skin care through clothes

Sunscreen works not only with cream and lotions, but quite simply with thin, light clothes. And: in the midday heat shaded areas are required to protect against the dangerous UV radiation.

In the summer we should drink a lot to balance the fluid loss by increased sweating. The same is true for the skin. Drinking a lot of water is therefore part of the skin care and actively prevents skin aging.

Skin care in summer: not just for the face

After swimming in the pool or in the sea you should take a shower to rinse off chlorine and salt. Both dry out the skin additionally. To restore moisture, it is recommended to use an after-sun body lotion or aloe vera cream. When showering you should keep the temperatures rather low. Hot water removes moisture from the skin. Too cold water, however, makes you sweat after showering. The best are lukewarm, short showers - this improves the blood circulation and tightens the skin. Afterwards a moisturizing body milk or cream shower should be used.

When it comes to skincare in the summer also applies: Too much make-up you should do without rising temperatures. Or. Moisturizing, toned day cream with UV protection can serve as a basis. Also for make-up removal you should use moisturizing products. Facial masks and scrubs can help to cleanse the skin, as it can lead to contamination and bacteria on the skin due to increased sweating.

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