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Top 7 Reasons Why Being a Carpool Driver Is an Excellent Idea

There several reasons to be a part of rideshares in Toronto, especially for drivers. Apart from being a quick way to earn money, carpooling can be helpful for drivers in various ways. Let’s take a look at different ways in which drivers can benefit from ridesharing.

Commuting by public transportation in a heavily populated city like Toronto is challenging because of the system’s limited coverage, over crowdedness and unreliability. On the other hand, taxi or Uber rides are expensive if used daily. That’s why ridesharing has become the best bet for commuters.

Ridesharing is allows a maximum of 5 people to share a ride to reach the same destination. Apart from being a convenient way of commuting for passengers, ridesharing helps the driver as well. Read this post discussing how you as a driver can utilize ridesharing to your benefit.

How Ridesharing Can Benefit You

A perfect choice for university or office goers, ridesharing provides benefits for all parties involved, especially the driver initiating the ride. So, if you own a car and are thinking of giving carpools a try as a driver; here is a list of benefits the service provides.

  1. Quick Money: Carpooling offers a quick way to earn money for the drivers. For every trip completed, you get paid by each of your passengers. All you need to do is map your route and fix a price for the journey. The mode of payment can be anything you choose.
  2. Economical: As you get paid by the people you are carpooling with; you don’t have to spend money for the car’s regular maintenance. All the expenses are equally divided amongst passengers.
  3. Reduced Fuel Costs and Usage: With the amount of extra income you are getting, fuel price hikes might not seem such big a deal anymore.
  4. Access to HOV: As you carpool in Toronto, you can take HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes in the city reserved for carpools, vanpools and transit buses.
  5. No Parking Problems: If you are ridesharing, you will notice there are special carpool parking lots available all over Canada. The special parking spot will save you the time you might have otherwise spent in searching for the perfect space to park.
  6. Psychological Effect: Being a regular carpool driver will help you make lifelong connections with the people you are travelling with. This is especially helpful for people who have a problem in socializing and remain isolated most of the time as carpooling will surely bring out the best in you. In order to make the co-riders at ease, you will be encouraged to talk about things you like, bringing out the common factors and making yourself comfortable in the process.
  7. Responsible Citizen: Carpooling makes you a more responsible person because being the driver of your car, the responsibility of 3 or 4 more people lies in your hands. Also, when 5 people are in one car including you, it implies there are at least 2 to 3 cars less on the road. By reducing traffic, you will be able to make your own little contribution toward saving the environment.

How Mobile Applications Have Made Things Easier for Drivers

With the recent advancements in mobile applications, GPS technology comes handy for drivers. They help you with the real-time navigation prompts and traffic alerts. Chances of taking a longer or congested route is minimized, which helps you save time as you carpool. Toronto already has a platform called Student Ride Catchers which acts as a connecting link for drivers and riders where you can register yourself as a driver and begin your first journey.

There several reasons to be a part of rideshares in Toronto, especially for drivers. Apart from being a quick way to earn money, carpooling can be helpful for drivers in various ways. We hope this blog post has encouraged you to initiate a ride and begin carpooling. Once you have made the decision, start looking for people interested in ridesharing.

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