What Are the Benefits of Using Carpet Padding?

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What Are the Benefits of Using Carpet Padding?

There are several benefits to using carpet padding underneath area rugs and carpet flooring though many homeowners neglect investing in them. It increases the longevity of your carpets, prevents slips and floor stains, increases insulation, cushioning and eases the cleaning process. However, it is important that you invest in the right padding that complements your flooring type for the best results.

When you are installing carpet flooring or area rugs, the necessity for carpet padding is often overlooked. Yet, this flooring component has several advantages that cannot be ignored. There is a wide variety of carpet padding to choose from depending on the carpet style and the flooring type. There are various benefits that come from installing carpet padding that you should know about.

6 Carpet Padding Benefits to Consider:

Be it increasing the longevity of your carpet flooring or preventing accidents from slips and falls, investing in a carpet padding can make your home a happier place in many ways:

  1. Increases the durability of the carpet

Daily high foot traffic compresses the carpet fibres, increase friction between the carpet, wearing down the carpet faster. Using a carpet pad reduces this friction and the dirt from getting trapped in your carpet’s weave from underneath. The pad is like a net that can trap the dirt. The thicker the pad, the better it protects your carpet.

  1. Improves insulation

The padding allows more air circulation between the carpet weaves and the floor. This prevents bacteria and mould and mildew growth in the fibres. It is like an additional layer of insulation that can modulate the room’s temperature according to the seasons. Consider the size of the room and carpet and choose a padding that is proportionate.

  1. Minimizes the Chances of Slips and Falls

This is particularly a hazard with area rugs which are not held in place with heavy furniture or accessories. Children and pets running around the house will be prone to slips and falls on such rugs. But using a carpet padding underneath maximize the friction and resistance, and hence the rug will not slip as easily, thus providing a safer floor space. The key is to choose a pad that is made for the flooring type you have. Padding is particularly essential over polished hardwood, linoleum, and tile flooring as they are more slippery.

  1. Makes the carpet cleaning process easier

Cleaning the carpet can be cumbersome as the dirt gets trapped in between the fibres. Using a carpet pad is advantageous as it is an extra layer between the floor and the carpet allowing the vacuum air to flow and remove the dust and debris easily. However, this is only possible when you are choosing a carpet padding with holes instead of a solid carpet padding.

  1. Provides additional cushioning

Carpeting should be your choice of flooring when you are looking for an option that is soft and warm to step on. The carpet padding is an additional cushion that further softens the feel under-feet. It also absorbs any impact better reducing the chances of things breaking or shattering.

  1. Prevents floor stains

If you drop any liquid that soaks through the carpet it will eventually stain the floor too. The carpet padding is usually made of water-resistant materials which acts like a barrier between the carpet and the floor so any liquids cannot soak through it.

The benefits that carpet paddings offer are sure to outweigh your reasons for not investing in them. Moreover, the extra cost you need to bear for them is negligible. Before purchasing the products, remember to consult some of the flooring experts in your neighbourhood and get an estimate from them!

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