Advantages of hotel apartments

Advantages of hotel apartments

Location, Convenience, and Safety: For individuals or families who are relocating due to work or business issues, these important considerations are at the top of their list when looking for a place to live. And if it's for a few months or permanently, one of the preferred accommodations expats tend to choose today is hotel apartments. These hotel apartments are highly preferred by families looking to stay in a two or three bedroom apartment, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and rooms that can be rented for a short or long period of time.

To give you a better evaluation, here are some of the benefits you get when you decide to stay in one.

Profitability: this type of accommodation offers rates that are generally reduced depending on the length of stay. Unlike hotels that charge for single or double occupancy, furnished apartments in Dubai for rent  are generally charged per apartment. Plus, hotel apartments offer amenities like kitchenettes, so you won't have to spend too much eating out at expensive restaurants, as you can easily prepare your own food whenever you want.

Convenient Location - Most hotel apartments are conveniently located, making almost all major points of interest accessible.

You will feel that you are always at home: most people would enjoy a private life and offer this item effectively. It is fully furnished and is important to your daily needs, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. There are also additional features not fouin your typical hotel room.


They also offer hotel services: the hotel apartments also offer cleaning services, room service and a concierge. So if you have children, they can get rid of the usual household chores they usually take care of and focus solely on studying and doing the things they love. Plus, there are services like a private chef and butler service, so you won't have to work too hard when you want to have dinner with your friends and family. Just seek chef and butler services and you can lighten the preparation and focus on inviting guests. Lastly, every time you leave for business, you won't have to worry about where or what your children are doing either, as childcare is also available.

They are clean, affordable and offer great services, privacy and freedom that you will certainly enjoy. And with added services and features, there's no reason you shouldn't feel right at home.

Ten reasons to live in an extended stay apartment

There are numerous advantages to a furnished long-stay apartment, but let's discuss the top ten reasons here.

Extended Stay Apartments is much cheaper than a hotel. Hotels have high administrative costs, while a furnished apartment is managed by one or two people. This helps keep costs down.
They offer more facilities that are free in nature, for example, most of them offer free unlimited local calls, laundry service and Internet use. Hotels charge for all these facilities. These free services can easily add up to twenty dollars a day.
The option of cooking your own meals instead of relying on more expensive fixed menu hotel food. Eating at a nearby hotel or restaurant can be very expensive. Most of these alternative hotel apartments have an equipped kitchen. They have appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, electric grills, etc. You can even bake a cake and make dessert in a furnished apartment! People from different cultures have different requirements. The flexibility to cook foods that meet your own requirements is a great advantage.
These hotel apartments are highly regarded in terms of accommodating the number of guests in the apartments, while hotels charge for additional people. These furnished apartments also offer additional mattresses at no cost.


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