Canon Printer Support: Troubleshooting

Canon Printer Support: Troubleshooting

Even the Canon printers are a few of the most popular in the marketplace nowadays. The Canon title is famous for supplying top quality, durable and practical printers and other household accessories. You constantly get the best using a Canon printer, however sometimes you might end up needing to troubleshoot an issue.

At the point when no article, paper jam is found or when the sensor unit is alright however the mistake 6000 continues blazing, resetting the printer may very well work. 

1. Unplug the printer from the outlet and let it sit for a couple of moments for stop impact. 

2. Fitting the force string back and switch on printer. Press and hold the "power" button for a couple of moments at that point press "stop" button twice. Rehash technique once again. This time, gradually discharge the "power" catch and press the "stop" button multiple times.

These printers, exactly like any other people, are subject to technical issues but you need to have the ability to repair the issue easily enough. Look beneath the ink cartridge and be sure that it's not becoming blocked at all. There might be dirt or dust stuck onto the cartridge that's keeping the ink out of making it on the paper.


Another frequent issue about the Canon Pixma mg6620 support code b203 printer light flashing off and on. If it starts occurring during usage of this printer or even if it's off and not being used, the ideal thing to do would be try resetting it. An easy hard reset-where you disconnect the printer from the energy supply instead of turning it off using the electricity button-should be sufficient to correct this issue. Otherwise you might want to open up the printer and examine the light bulbs to make sure one isn't broken. This will require the abilities of a skilled electronics person. You can call any Canon printer regardless of what the make and version, new or old. You'll have to have the model and make prepared, since the reply to the exact same question can vary from 1 version to another.


The Standard PIXMA iP4820 is a photograph printer best for individual and home office use. It flaunts Auto Duplex Print, Auto Photograph Fix, Borderless Printing, Archive Printing, and 2-way paper taking care of. Also, it uses 5 individual Ink Tanks (Standard PGI-225BK and CLI-226 Arrangement). Be that as it may, having noteworthy highlights doesn't mean it won't experience specialized issues as well. A glimmering Blunder 6000 is one of the most widely recognized mistakes experienced with this printer. 

What does Mistake 6000 mean? Blunder code 6000 methods there is an issue with the Line Feed (LF). 


a. The line feed is either damaged or spread. 

b. Some little particles, flotsam and jetsam or a remote article is stuck in the LF drive. 

c. The line feed cut or sensor unit is blemished. 

Mistake 6000 on Standard PIXMA iP4820 could likewise mean a blemished paper feed roller unit, rationale board or paper feed engine. 

There are numerous arrangements offered to fix different purposes behind this blunder code. 

a. Scratched or spread line feed. 

- The least complex arrangement is to clean the LF/EJ cut film with a non-destructive arrangement. 

b. Some little particles, flotsam and jetsam or an outside article is stuck in the LF drive.


This ought to work to repair the mistake and should not you access the printer menu section and also reset the ink absorber. Usually this isn't a severe issue and you may look after yourself. If you can not appear to find it out, take it into prevent wrecking it and causing additional harm.

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