A detailed guide about Apple Cocoa and its features

A detailed guide about Apple Cocoa and its features

iPhones are swiftly rising in popularity amongst mobile phone users and with its amazing features such as higher security, better camera quality, and extended functionality, apple devices are said to provide unmatched experience to its users.  So, creating apps for iPhones has become very important for merchants to expand their services and reach out to all of their target audiences. Without iPhone apps, the merchants won’t be able to make their services accessible to apple devices, which will limit their consumer outreach and potential as well. Hence for merchants trying to make their apps easily accessible and beneficial  iPhone mobile app development is a must.


For this purpose, Apple corporation has Cocoa Touch. Cocoa Touch is an object-oriented language that is used for ios devices. It can either be used in combination with Swift or IOS for creating amazing applications for iPhones, iPads, Apple TV e.t.c.  Cocoa Touch has a number of elements in it such as animation, gesture control, and graphical control elements, etc. This enables developers to create unique apps for iPhone devices. With this article, today we will take an in-depth look into the features of Cocoa Touch and how it can be used for creating amazing apps. However, before that, let us take a look into a few stats that depicts the importance of having a mobile app.

  1. Mobile users spend 87 percent of their time surfing apps than the web. This signifies that mobile users prefer using applications to access services they need rather than the web.
  2. Millennials are three times more attracted to new mobile applications than older generations. This signifies that to target the youth you need to have a unique mobile application.
  3. Almost 40 percent of mobile users admitted that they use social media and communication applications more than other services.


With the above stats, it is quite clear that to tap into the correct audience having a mobile application is very crucial. As consumers, these days tend to use mobile apps for accessing services.


Top features of Apple Cocoa Touch

Apple Cocoa is loaded with numerous amazing features that would enable iPhone app development services in creating unique applications using it. Below is a list of few unique features of Apple Cocoa that helps developers in creating feature-rich apps for IOS devices.


  1. Cocoa Touch is pretty similar to that of any other IOS app development framework. The only major difference being that, the Cocoa touch enables developers in programming the touch screen interfaces effortlessly and induce features in iPhone apps such as motion sensors. This empowers developers in creating unique and amazing applications.
  2. The apple Cocoa allows developers to use the generic codes with ease. It also facilitates features such as code reusability from one context to another to improvise developer experience.
  3. Cocoa Touch also has a document picker in it as well. It gives user access capabilities that are beyond the application’s sandbox. With this, the user is able to share documents across apps and it also enables users in managing intricate workflows as well.  


Having an IOS application allows merchants to reach out to users who extensively use mobile devices in their daily lives. Further, with the use of Apple Cocoa, you can easily create amazing ios applications for any niche according to your business requirements. Further, since Apple Cocoa is loaded with a number of unique features, it enables developers in making the whole process more efficient and flexible. As a result, if you are planning to create an IOS app to reach out to your target audience, then Apple Cocoa is the perfect choice to opt for. 


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