10 Reasons Why Football is a Great Sport for your Children

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10 Reasons Why Football is a Great Sport for your Children

Nowadays kids are glued to the sofa more and are seen less in the parks and playgrounds. Getting them off the couch and pushing them into any kind of sport helps them in a great way. The physical, mental and emotional strength grows manifold.

Football is looked down upon due to its aggressive nature of the game. But it is one of the best team sports that has numerous benefits and children should be encouraged to play.

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  1. Improved Physical Health

Participation in football is very beneficial for kids. The game is a very physically demanding one and hence, when kids play football the agility, movements, hand eye coordination and overall functioning of the heart improves.

  1. Better performance in academics

There is a theory that when children are active in sports like football then their academic performance will be affected. But this theory does not hold true. In fact, a research says then when kids participate in such team sports then they have more energy which helps them to think clearly and more creatively which in tun helps them in performing excellently in academics. 

  1. Improved social skills

Social skills is a quality that every child must inculcate in today’s competitive world. They need to develop a good camaraderie right from a young age with everyone. Football is one such game where a large number of players come together as a team and work towards a common goal. This will help the child in mingling with others, listening to others and also coming up with own ideas in order to achieve the goal set.

  1. Development of confidence

Sports is a great way to improve a child’s self-esteem and confidence. When a child is encouraged and complimented by his or her coach, parents or team mates, the child’s confidence grows manifold. Group sporting activities are the best for the development of such confidence.

  1. Improved discipline and concentration

Football is a game that requires observation and keen attention to detail. When you are on the field, the entire concentration should be on the game. One error and the entire team could suffer. Thus, football is a game that requires utmost discipline and concentration. Thus, when kids play this game then their concentration improves and also, they become more disciplined, which in turn can help them in the later stages of their life.

  1. Development of strong ethics

We all know the famous proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Football is a sport that requires extensive practice. Putting on the sports gear and practicing in the hot sun day in and day out will be tiring for any kid. But that is what football teaches. It inculcates ethics in the minds of young children. Such ethics in the future help these kids to develop and work on their work ethics too.

  1. Encourages accountability

As stated earlier, football is a work of the team. To succeed in even a single game, the entire team must come together and work with each other. This requires accountability. Every player should be accountable for their own actions. Thus, football helps in developing the skill of being accountable.

  1. Physical strength

Football helps in developing the physical strength of a child. Due to its aggressive nature, injuries, bruises are inevitable. This game provides players with the physical strength to continue playing even though they are injured.

  1. Mental strength

Football is a game that help kids in developing great mental strength apart from physical strength. It takes a lot of mental toughness to look past an injury or aggressive behavior from the opponents or overcome any other limitation and play calmly.

  1. Useful for future

Football provides great cross training for kids who want to pursue any other sport on a higher level in the future.

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