Email Marketing Trends To Consider in 2019

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Email Marketing Trends To Consider in 2019

Email marketing world invited the plethora of trends and developments in the year 2018. What's new for 2019? You need to innovate and focus on introducing effective ways to reach out to customer demands. In today's internet era, consumers are expecting high-quality content. No more average content is accepted! B2B email marketing campaigns are expected to perform out of boundaries. Leverage the power of new technologies to push your limits and attain success in 2019.

Personalize Your Email Copy

Consumers are not happy with the selling and buying of their data by the businesses. They are frustrated about the data aggregators. Email marketing list will be useful only if it is leveraged through the right strategies. Most of them strongly suggest the government to revise the rules and regulations about the use of customer data. Purchasing email lists from trustworthy data providers is only the first step. Secondly, consumers expect the branded content embedded in personalization.

If you recommend the products in which they do not possess any interest, the consumers tend to unsubscribe from the list. Let consumers know how their data is used by your business. Help them understand the fact that you are there to help them and not to exploit. B2B marketers make use of AI tools in order to make the campaigns run successfully. Make use of technology and personalize your approach.

Importance Of Email Marketing Takes Over Social Media

It is a common acceptable fact that every individual changes his or her personal data. For instance, they can change the phone number. If your email list includes the same old contact number, the data is said to be unhygienic. With the help of data hygiene service, the database is checked for the presence of any such changes. Most importantly, NCOA processing scans the email addresses who might have moved in the last 95 days. As a result, the data is updated and guarantees you maximum deliverability. Explode your business with improved quality email lists. This data service lets your data to be accurate and deliverable.

Data Analysis

It's the right time to collect market data and measure your performance. Stop worrying about not getting quality leads. In the previous point, you learned about the importance of competitors research. Spend quality time in learning about your data from last year. It enables you to understand what strategies worked well. Eliminate all the other B2B marketing techniques which did not pay your efforts. B2B marketers have taken a step forward and analyze email marketing, social media, website traffic, and content marketing performance. Data analytics tools have made the job easier.

Cluster Appending and Analysis

The cluster is the data service that helps to group the contacts based on the demographics. Consequently, each customer contact is analyzed and classified into a specific group. Now, all the customized cluster groups are identified. Grouping of your customer data helps you to attain successful email campaigns. Moreover, you will experience an increased response rate and purchases. All the prospects you are reaching out will most likely get converted. If you already have the email list, improve its quality by getting the cluster appending data services. Anticipated marketing will always perform well when compared to the unplanned approach.

Importance Of Email Marketing Takes Over Social Media

Studies show that customers are deleting their social media accounts. They are losing the trust on the social media platform. B2B marketers cannot completely depend on social media to reach out the consumers. For instance, organic traffic through Facebook is nearly diminishing day by day. However, you can reach through paid campaigns. In turn, the cost per thousand impressions has increased compared to previous years.

Email marketing has always remained at the top of all the other techniques in 2019. On the other hand, consumers prefer the email containing the discount offers from the brands they love. There is no such increase in the cost of reaching to the customers with the increase in the email list. As a result, companies are expected to invest more in Purchasing email lists this year.

Drastic Increase in Mobile Average Order Value

Mobile AOV (Average Order Value) is the estimation of the total amount spent on purchasing an item from a mobile app. It is the primary metric to analyze consumers' purchasing behavior. In previous years, mobile AOV was less compared to desktop purchases. Consumers used not to make high budget purchases through mobiles. In 2019, there will be an increased number of purchases through mobile phones. It is anticipated that product orders through mobiles become more common.

In fact, there are high chances for large orders too. User experience is the key to improvement in this aspect. In order to keep up with this trend, the brands must gain consumers trust factor. It can happen through the sharing of detailed product videos, images, and content. By doing so, it pushes the subscribers closer to the purchase decision.

Extensive Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Have you learned about predictive email marketing? It is possible when you use AI tools and technology. 2017 & 2018 experienced tremendous growth in the field of artificial intelligence. Although AI is still exploring its position in the market, it has taken increased importance in marketers life. It is anticipated to continue in 2019. Implementation of AI has reduced the costs of micro-segmentation.

Marketers are able to implement personalization in real time. You can write up more engaging and highly converting email copy with the help of predictive email marketing. If analyzed properly, the unsubscribe rates has decreased effectively. As a whole, the broader use of AI is anticipated to happen in 2019.

ML invites the smarter technology to filter out spam

Internet service providers consider the plenty of factors to push the email to the inbox, spam, or promotions tab. Sometimes, the emails can get blocked straight away. If users find the emails too frustrating, they are likely to hit the spam button. With the right use of Machine Learning, marketers are able to find the persuasive language for quick responses. So, these tools help you to revise the content using natural language processing.

Also, the delivery time can be optimized. The tool analyses the best time user is likely to open and read your message. Some companies are already implementing real-time content optimization tools. The system tests the unlimited number of variants during the process. As a whole, it reduces the previously lost email conversions.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

The email deliverability has become the primary concern for B2B marketers. The choice of the right email marketing list is the first step. Most of them do not know how to efficiently perform data management. As a result, emails are quickly landing in spam folders. How to improve the quality of your emails? The design of high-quality content ensures the reach of emails directly to the inbox. Instead of focusing on the number of emails sent, it is necessary to deliver high-quality content in 2019. Here is the list of best practices you can follow:


  • Data Segmentation
  • Data Hygiene
  • Email Verification
  • Preference Centers


With the help of data acquisition efforts, smart marketers have already started targeting the new subscribers. If you have purchased an email marketing list from a trustworthy supplier, you can get the data appending services done. It has proved to be the best method to acquire high-quality subscribers. This kind of smarter acquisition leads to higher ROI. Make sure you keep your target audience engaged to improve the deliverability.

In this blog post, we have listed the top 6 email marketing trends in 2019. Let us know your opinion. Do you feel our list is genuine? Global B2B Contacts is always a step forward to help marketers in building an authoritative brand in an online world. Previous Post Next Post

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