Tips to decrease your Air conditioning bills this summer

Air conditioning Tips

Tips to decrease your Air conditioning bills this summer

Summertime is not easy to live it. Retreating to a glorious home fitted with air conditioner after facing the oppressive heat of the day offers a great relief. This means the air conditioning unit at home will bring about rising electric bills as you take refuge from the sweltering heat. However, you can lower the bills by taking few proactive measures.

Set your thermostat

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature that won't make your AC work too hard. Consider a thermostat with an in-built timer where you are setting the hours that your unit operates. Install programmable thermostats to cut energy usage while you are asleep or away. By adjusting your temperature by 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day helps you to save at least 10% of your energy bills annually.

Use ceiling fans

Using a ceiling fan helps to disperse cool air more efficiently and makes you to be comfortable in the room. They help in good circulation around your AC unit and optimize efficiency.

Turn off your AC at night

Keep your AC on during day and turn it off at night. As evening air is cooler than daytime, you can take advantage of it and turn off your AC.  You can open your windows and enjoy a cooling night time breeze.

Use passive cooling techniques

Prevent your house from heating up by using carefully selected window treatments like blinds and drapes. AC`s tend to work harder with more ventilation and often end up consuming a lot of energy. Reduce heat gain with highly reflective blinds completely lowered on a sunny window. Also keep windows, blinds, curtains, shades down or closed.

Keep your AC well maintained

To lower your monthly air conditioning bills, you need to take proper care of your unit. Check your filters regularly as dirty filters can obstruct airflow and increase the energy usage. Schedule the air conditioning maintenance from a good home maintenance company in order for your AC unit o function efficiently. Your AC`s energy consumption can be lowered by 5%-15% by replacing a clogged filter with a new one.

Switch to energy star appliances

Use Energy Star certified room AC as it uses 15% less energy when compared to non-certified models.

Seal window and door cracks

Key to reducing high bills is by making sure that your home is well insulated. Check for cracks and openings as air leakage occurs when the air from outside enters your home and conditioned air leaves your home through these openings. To maximise the functionality of your air conditioning system and reduce energy bills, the best cost-effective way is by reducing the air leaking in and out of your home.

Turn off equipments that are heat emitting

Heat emitting gadgets like ovens, computers, printers and other electronic equipments must be turned off to reduce air conditioning bills. They emit heat and force your AC to work harder to keep the temperature under control. This increases the energy bills in your house.

Buying an AC is a major choice that represents a meaningful investment, it not only gives a level of convenience to your home, it also adds value. When you purchase an air conditioning for your home, you must always need to make sure about its warranty period to escape from sudden faults. Every brand or companies will give you a minimum of 2 to 5 years of service warranty for new products. So, it's always not recommended to buy used air conditioners that will have a higher chance of getting repairs and it will consume the highest number of electricity. Overall, maintenance is the key thing that will decide the life of your air conditioners. 

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