What is Qemu and Hypervisor ?

What is Qemu and Hypervisor ?

Qemu : - Quick Emulator

Qemu is an open source system machine emulator . it is a generic virtualizer. It was written by Fabrice Bellard .

It is free Licence which comes under GNU GPL version 2.

It is written in C language.

Hypervisor :-

The most important thing is about qemu’s type . Qemu is type of hypervisor .Now you do think that what is hypervisor ?  Hypervisor is also called as Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM). IT is system software , hardware which creates the virtual machine and runs the virtual machine. A system machine on which a virtual machine monitor or hypervisor create one or more virtual machine is also called host machine and each virtual machine is called guest machine. Hupervisor manages the all guest operating system which are running on virtual machine.  

The hardware parts of the host operating system, such as Hard disk, RAM, Processor, will be  shared by the guest operating systems(Virtual machines).

Qemu emulator  has several operating modes:-

  1. User – mode emulation
  2. System emulation
  3. KVM Hosting
  4. Xen Hosting

QEMU can run without a host kernel driver and yet gives acceptable performance.

QEMU works very well on the following hardware:

  • PC (x86 or x86_64 processor) ;
  • Sun4m/Sun4c/Sun4d (32-bit Sparc processor) ;
  • Sun4u/Sun4v (64-bit Sparc processor, in progress) ;
  • Malta board
  • MIPS Magnum
  • ARM Integrator/CP (ARM) ;
  • ARM Versatile baseboard (ARM) ;
  • ARM RealView Emulation/Platform baseboard (ARM) ;
  • Siemens SX1 smartphone (OMAP310 processor) ;


Its repository  is https;//git.qemu.org/qemu.git . It works on Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS and other UNIX Platforms.

Its website name is www.qemu.org.

From the this you can download the qemu emulator :-  https://www.qemu.org/download/

QEMU is packaged by most Linux distributions:

  • Arch: pacman -S qemu
  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install qemu
  • RHEL/CentOS: yum install qemu-kvm



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