Drug Abuse and Addiction's reasons and effects : remedies to overcome Drug Addiction


Drug Abuse and Addiction's reasons and effects : remedies to overcome Drug Addiction

'Drugs Abuse and Addiction A Growing Problem

      Today, drug abuse has emerged as a major problem in the world. The new generation going to be called the future of the country is constantly in Drugs Abuse and Addiction. The younger generation is making themselves physically, mentally and economically weak due to the intake of drugs and addiction. In India, the trade of drugs is billions of rupees. By consuming more amounts of drugs, it affects the mind of the brain. Consuming this, reduces the power to understand man's thinking. It is difficult for that person to control himself and demand more drugs for his body to complete the lack of drugs. The man goes inhumane, which often leads to his downfall, the person who once entered in the world of drugs, and if he wants to leave it with difficulty, then it will take years to get that health. It is not that there is no cure for it, once the treatment starts, it should be treated continuously. Drugs can be relieved when proper treatment is done by the doctor and by taking correct reports from time to time.

Reasons for drug abuse and addiction

People are victims of this bad habit that ruins themselves for different reasons, from which some of the main causes of drug habit are as follows.

1. Feeling lonely

     Feeling lonely is a big problem, which is very difficult to control. To get rid of this emptiness, people are forced to take drugs and addiction and understand that the drugs will get rid of emptiness.

2. More work pressure

       Most students resort to drugs and addiction to overcome stress related to their studies. Similarly, employees working in a company and organization also start taking drugs due to excessive work pressure.

3. Family problems

        Most people start consuming drugs and addiction due to their family issues and problems.

4. Experience

         Some teenagers begin to take drugs medicine as an experiment and later become addicted to it. Teenagers quickly cheat in it.

5. Open sale of drugs

        Many drugs are prescribed by the doctor because they are more addictive. But the drugs are getting openly in the streets and common people are becoming addicted to it by consuming it.

 Remedies to overcome drug abuse and addiction

       Although it is very difficult to get rid of drug abuse and addiction, but the right treatment of the patient can be done with the help of family and friends in the care of a good expert, it can be relieved. The patient can get rid of the drug abuse and addiction by adopting the following measures given below.

1. Doctor's advice

       To get rid of drug abuse and addiction, there is a strong will in the patient is very important. If a person wants to get out of the dark world of drugs, then get the best doctor's advice as soon as possible.

2. Regular Exercise

       Reducing the amount of drugs in the body increases stress levels, feels restlessness in the body. Person can spend himself in physical activities like jogging, swimming, dancing and yoga to get rid of it.

3. Balanced diet

    Due to the high intake of drugs, our physical health has a very bad effect on the brain, especially in order to reduce the effect of drugs, the patient is advised to take all the nutritious balanced diet, so that it can be treated. It could not make much impact.

4. Talk to your closest friends

       Instead of keeping their emotions hidden inside them, they should be taken out. Share your problem with your family and friends. This is a good way to get rid of stress and  drug abuse and addiction.

5. Restrictions on sales of Drugs

       The government should ban the sale of illegal drugs abuse and addiction in the market. The people who are involved in  illegal trade of drugs, should have a strict action against them.



        Drugs abuse and addiction is a growing problem, it is especially taking care of young people. Due to the increase in the extent of this problem, it can have dire consequences. It is extremely important to run an awareness campaign to reduce the growing effects of drugs and to give information about its side effects. Those who have been caught in this swamp, consult a good doctor and psychiatrist to get out of the narcotic life of drug intake, tell their colleagues about their problem and take their appropriate help.



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