5 Things to Know About Renting a Car in Dubai- Rent a car in international city

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5 Things to Know About Renting a Car in Dubai- Rent a car in international city

If you are thinking to rent a car in International city, then you are on the right track. It will improve your Dubai trip and make it adventurous.

Renting a car is the most viable option. Nowadays owning a car that too of the luxury segment is way too expensive and maintaining the car is way more difficult for an individual. For those who want to have a luxury experience of driving the luxury car without owning it and with the least expense possible - the better option is renting a car. 

But before renting a car in Dubai one should know some rules and regulations.

  • Once you rent a car in Dubai the driver cannot take the car outside the UAE. Crossing the border by vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicle is paid by the driver only. No insurance is there to cover the damage cost.
  • To rent a car the driver should fit into the criteria of age limit which is 21yrs and above.
  • Before giving the car to the driver the company asked for a copy of his international driving license and a certain amount of security deposit. Security deposit depends on the individual company’s terms.
  • The accident breakdown policy of the companies is very strict and should be followed strictly. The company may ask for compensation for the damage done. In case of damage caused in an accident & breakdown, the company should be informed immediately.

If you are planning to go for a trip during summer vacation, you should check the coolant which is the safety major in cars. By doing so you can enjoy your tour without problems with your family. 

In Dubai, most of the people hire luxury cars for sightseeing. Audi A6 is the car that most people like to hire. In order to experience the luxury rent Audi A6 in Dubai. Audi A6 is the most luxurious and stylish car. If you have a different taste then you can go for other cars like Lamborghini, Aventador, Chevrolet Tahoe, etc.


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