Tips to Find Reliable Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Tips to Find Reliable Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Golf course maintenance equipment are very expensive whether they are in brand new or pre-owned condition. For golf course captains, managing a budget for adequate maintenance is a big challenge. If you accidentally invested in the wrong equipment, consider it as posing your valuable turf towards vulnerabilities. Just like agricultural equipment, turf maintenance equipment also has some technical specifications and quality parameters you need to consider. Don’t invest in expensive golf course equipment without gaining adequate knowledge. If you are now to this task and looking for help, read some important tips as we are mentioning below.


How to find reliable golf course equipment 


Always prefer leading brands 


Don’t compromise with quality when it comes to buying golf course equipment. Choose a renowned brand known as specialized in manufacturing maintenance equipment for golf courses only. Toro, Jacobsen and John Deere are popular names in this industry. Reliable brands give assurance of quality turf maintenance. Inferior quality blades can cause severe damage to your turf. Also, we need high-level precision in grass length which is only possible with cutting edge technology. 


After-sale service status 


Whether it is warranty coverage or after warranty service, clarify all concerns in priority rather than regretting later. Even some popular brands may not be available in your area for after-sale services. It would be great if the company is offering an on-site warranty. If not, check online for the nearest service centers or call their customer care representative for better assistance. 


Test their productivity before choosing


Don’t choose any random golf course maintenance equipment before checking its feasibility on the ground level. After checking the technical specifications, try them practically to ensure whether they are successful on the ground or not. Request them for a demo in the turf and use all settings. Check the precision in cutting as they promised.


Comfort and ease of operating 


The golf course is a large area of around 70 hectares. While navigating in such a large space for turf maintenance, you have to exhaust a couple of hours every day. Your golf course equipment like a mower, bunker rake and sprayer must have adequate comfortable seating capacity. It would be great if there is a cool top canopy to work conveniently even in the summer season. 

Apart from this, also check whether the equipment is user-friendly or not. While practically checking the controls, make sure that the console is easy to operate even for a beginner. Complexities in operating further create many issues especially for those who are new to the golf course maintenance task. 


Price comparison


Don’t make any final decision before comparing the price of all available options. Also, check the used equipment stores supplying in your locality. Sometimes, we manage to save hundreds or thousands of bucks by opting out used equipment in perfect condition. While comparing the price of new equipment, don’t forget to consider their features list and additional services like the on-site warranty. 


With these expert tips, you can easily manage to find the best golf course equipment. Always put quality in priority over the price factor. 


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