Best 8 Antique Furniture Caring Tips!

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Best 8 Antique Furniture Caring Tips!

Antique furniture always looks dignified and elegant. Such furniture always has the ability to decorate any room. The antique furniture makes the interior noble. If you choose the right antique furniture, then your guests will be able to see your taste and preferences. But, before buying such furniture, you should find out how to properly care for it. 


Antique furniture is always an indicator of the elitism of its owner. Such furniture is a real highlight of any interior and a profitable investment. However, owning antiques is not only a luxury but it is a big responsibility, since caring for it requires knowledge of several subtleties and nuances.

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is a complex multistage process that is best entrusted to professionals. There are various defects, scratches, even dust present on the surface of the furniture. Before cleaning such furniture, it is necessary to consult with specialists. For example, the experienced experts in new Zealand furniture stores will help you with this. What else can you do? Let’s have a look at the following tips for caring for your antique furniture.


Best Antique Furniture Caring Tips


  • Keep Furniture Out of the Sun

The main external factors that can cause irreparable damage to antiques are ultraviolet and high humidity. Under the influence of direct sunlight, antique furniture loses its color and strength. High humidity leads to deformation and delamination.

To avoid or minimize the influence of these factors, it is recommended that store the antique furniture in the dark and dry rooms. The optimal temperature conditions for the careful storage of furniture should be between 15 to 20-degree celsius with an air humidity of 50 -65%. The influx of fresh air and the balance of optimum temperature and humidity protects the furniture from fading away.

  • Competent and Timely Care

When caring for antique furniture, you need to consider the material from which it is made, the age and condition of the product. For cleaning antiques, traditional cleaning products to remove dirt and dust are not suitable. Some professionals use special furniture wax to clean antique furniture.

In fact, antique furniture is also covered in leather. Genuine leather upholstery needs periodic lubrication. The optimum humidity for its preservation is even higher than that of wood/ Therefore, in order to protect the skin from cracks and spills, it must be cleaned at least once every couple of months with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.

  • Make a Use of Polishes

There are different types of polishes like wax, oil and silicone to improve the appearance of the furniture. They are quite universal and often perform several functions at the same time. They remove dirt and stains from the furniture, protect it from the dust and create a water-repellent layer in order to eliminate scratches. It further helps in refreshing the appearance and giving them a shine.

The purpose of a particular product is carefully read on the packaging. It is better to apply polish directly on the furniture to wipe the surface. When choosing a polish material, it is worth giving preference to a composition intended for furniture from the right material. 

  • Buy Ready-Made Furniture Cleaners

A soap solution or mild detergent is usually sufficient to clean cabinet furniture. Bur, when it comes to caring about antique furniture, do not use the products that are usually used to clean and polish modern furniture.

Synthetic compounds that are suitable for modern artificial varnishes can easily destroy the protective varnish of antique furniture. Therefore, it would be better to resort to special means designed to care for things.

  • Avoid to Install the Furniture on Uneven Surfaces

Antique cupboards should never be installed on uneven surfaces. In an extreme case, put additional gaskets under the legs to level up everything. This rule especially applies to antique cabinets and cupboards, which have movable elements like drawers and tables.

If such furniture will stand for a long time on an uneven surface, the doors will begin to warp and sag due to a load of its own weight, and the fasteners will become loose. Therefore, it is recommended that never put the furniture on an uneven surface. 

  • Keep Furniture Away From Heaters or Air Cons

The second rule implies that antique furniture cannot be installed next to heating appliances. The permissible minimum distance between antiques and a radiator or other heating elements should be of 50 centimeters. Otherwise, the heater will dry the air, the humidity indicator will drop to 20 % and the furniture will begin to dry out and crack.

Therefore, you need to keep your antique furniture away from air vents, heaters or air-conditioners. Too much heat causes the furniture glue to loosen. it also upsets the veneer, inlays, and the make-up of the piece. Having too much moisture causes the wood to expand and contract which affects the ease of movements of drawers. 

  • Avoid Placing Heavy Items on Furniture

Often antique furniture looks bulky and reliable but does not forget about its age. Very heavy objects placed on its surface will cause irreparable damage to furniture over time. Antique furniture is a  decorative item, so do not overload its functionality. If there are no cracks and potholes on the case and facades, wet cleaning will not cause problems.

In the event of damage, it is worthwhile to get rid of them first in order to prevent water from getting inside. To increase the intervals between cleaning, you can use special furniture antistatic agents that prevent the duct from settling. So, clean the furniture and avoid placing heavy items on furniture. 

  • Use Stain Removers

The stain removers allow you to get rid of dirt and stains. Depending on the composition, stains of various origins are removed through these liquids and powders. When choosing a stain remover, you need to focus on the purpose of the product.

They are aggressive and can corrode the surface or color, so they must be selected by taking into account the material from which the furniture is made. Most stain removers do not remove stains immediately but after 5 - 30 minutes they show their results. At the end of this time, they must be carefully removed from the furniture and wipe the surface dry.

Bottom Line

When ordering furniture, be sure to ask the manufacturers about the features of caring for the selected product. These specialists always advise clients on the proper operation and recommend effective care products.

For example, the products of beds r us in Christchurch are qualitative and help in cleaning the antique furniture. Furthermore, the experts of cleaning companies will help to quickly and effectively get rid of dust and insects. They guarantee the integrity and safety of furniture, plus the use of drugs that are safe for human health.


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