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How Flight API integration Is The Major Element Of Travel Portal ?

Reserving a flight ticket as a part of tour plan is a common practice now. There are endless travel portal for required flight booking experience to a particular destination.

Reserving a flight ticket as a part of tour plan is a common practice now. There are endless travel portal for required flight booking experience to a particular destination. Visitors explore the schedules, fares and price comparison of different flights. Updated information of flight is the end result of Flight API integration. Every travel company need to integrate essential API’s to deliver profound services and get expected response.

One of those services is flight booking and one of the remarkable integrations is Amadeus API into booking system. This is one of the remarkable GDS allow access to collected database of different airlines. API/XML integration is the key to access those details. A traveler explore service of different travel operators to go for a single travel booking.

Flight API Integration is basically is a one stop solution for flight booking services. The screen displays all the relevant information to visitors on clicking a particular option. This API helps in presenting the updated browsed information and notify the need of travelers to supplier. Airline service provider supply the options, offers and concession in return of customer query.

This is the process by which visitors obtain the desired details and website enhanced approachability for the particular business. The various features involved in the travel portal software which improve the growth rate of your enterprise in flight booking.


Features Of Flight API Integration Resulted In Enhanced Airline Reservation System

Flight API is the crucial aspect to complete every travel portal. It allows different features to handle different operation in the airline industry and travel sector. Some of the unique features are

  • Airline Catalogue Handling

  • Flight Hosting Interface

  • Booking Management

  • Booking System

  • Business To Customer (B2C) – Final User Booking

  • Business To Business (B2B) – Travel Operators Booking

  • GDS Integration – Sabre, Galileo, Travelport, Amadeus API


Features For  IATA and Non IATA  Authorised Agents

  • E-ticketing

  • Third Party Cover

  • XML Out

  • Flight Reservation application For Mobile(Android and iOS)

Apart from these features a booking API also offers price effective travel solutions which fulfills almost all customer need. These solution involves

  • Completely Centralised Distributed Control System(DCS)

  • Sitting arrangement integration

  • Website login facility

  • E-ticketing

  • Automated Boarding Pass Creation

  • Linked Airline Module

  • Luggage Weight Module

  • Agent Approval Module

  • Addon Assistance Module

As such various API’s are available in the market. Amadeus API is the best of them which is delivering immense changes in the travel industry.


How Amadeus API Is Best For Flight Integration ?

GDS is the crucial need of every business operating online. It supports to supply services  in order to serve travel clients more effectively. Amadeus API integration is making revolutionary changes in the travel industry from a very long time. The technology development company supports in offering the entire and most efficient GDS integration travel solution. These solutions further helps them in prospering their business and best travel experience to customers.


With the Amadeus flight API integration at your travel portal, you can obtain the most welcoming flight search experience. When GDS was not implemented by the company

The travel companies were facing serious integration issue. Companies had to collect individual information separately. But with GDS arrival it brought connectivity among different service providers and travelers.  

To get complete integration og flight booking services Amadeus flight API offers these features

  • Airline Reservation System

  • Explore one-way flights schedules

  • Explore round way flights schedules

  • Explore flights by destination or airport name

  • Elaborated browsing facility by departure/arrival time, adjustable dates, flight carrier, category, non stop flights

  • Sorting facility for browsing facility as per fares, flight schedule and modifications etc.

  • Examine Flight charges

  • Reserve flight  tickets

  • Browse flights through ticket number , traveler name and flight carrier.

  • Reject flight tickets

  • Utilise Frequent-flyer programs (FFP)



API integration is necessary to maintain profound services and continuity in the same. Flight booking is a major sector and emit abundance of information throughout the year. Well organized information is the necessity of the hour and for that API integration services are proving a game changer for travel companies.


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