Fulfill Your Dream To Work In Australia With TSS 482 Visa

TSS 482 Visa

Fulfill Your Dream To Work In Australia With TSS 482 Visa

The temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 allows employers from Australia to hire skilled representative to work in their business from overseas. This work visa has made it easier for an Australian employer to outcast the scarcity of skilled labour in the region. 

Those who have the potential and willing to work in Australia then can apply for the Subclass 482, however, there are few key factors that an applicant is required to fulfill in order to obtain the visa. 

There are three streams designated for the TSS 482 Visa:

1. Short - Term Stream: This stream is for those whose working occupation lies under the Short term occupation list for the TSS 482 visa. By holding a visa in this stream the candidate is allowed to work and stay in Australia for 2 years and that period can be extended by 2 years if International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies.

Moreover, Unlike, medium-term stream there is no pathway for an individual to apply for a permanent resident visa.

2. Medium-Term Stream: When an employer needs to hire a highly skilled and qualified representative from overseas then they will be applying for the visa in mid term or long term stream. Here, candidates are allowed to work in Australia for four years and can apply for the permanent resident visa after completing 3 years.

3. Labour Agreement Stream: This visa is for talented specialists hired by bosses who have a Labor Agreement. It allows you to work in Australia for four years. Work understandings are created between the Australian Government (spoken to by the Department) and businesses.

The Requirements For An Employer To Apply for 482 Visa

There are certain conditions for an Australian employer too who wishes to hire labour overseas and make them work in Australia. Below mentioned are a few of them:

1. The business should be operating lawfully completely.

2. Need to give the salary and satisfy working conditions as per the requirement.

3. Should not have any conflict against the business.

4. Employers are required to nominate the vacancies which are for full time and genuine.

Prepare A Checklist

If you are on off chance to apply for the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482, then it would be a smart call to make a checklist for yourself so don’t miss out on anything.

1. Prepare a file containing all the necessary documents that you will need to submit while applying for the visa.

2. Apply for the medical and character certificate, as you will need them to submit to the immigration officer along with your application.

3. Check the guidelines and gather the attested paperwork accordingly to exile any challenge while processing your application.

I hope this information has given you a clear picture of all the major aspects of TSS 482 Visa and now you will be able to make your way with this visa. However, it will be always advisable to get connected with any registered migration agent Perth who helps to fill the application accurately and get the visa quickly.


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