Free or Premium Themes? Tips to Choose the best Suitable WordPress Themes!

Free or Premium Themes? Tips to Choose the best Suitable WordPress Themes!

WordPress Theme directory offers you 1000s of free and premium themes designed to serve different industries online. From blog sites to dynamic retail shops online, it is capable of serving all with the best of industry offerings.

Though it seems so easy to pick up a WordPress theme and get started with the development process. Still, when it comes to real grounds, things are rather different.

You can not simply install a theme and expect to run your website successfully. There are many areas on which you need to evaluate a Theme before making a final call.

In this article, I am going to share some valuable tips regarding choosing the best suitable WordPress theme. Let’s get started below:-

1. Analyze your business needs

As we know there is all kind of themes available on WordPress theme directory. For instance, if you deal with eCommerce industry, there are specific themes for you. And, if you are running a blog site on WordPress, WordPress offers you such themes.

Therefore, try to analyze your business needs first. Then look for the most suitable theme for it.

2. Go for a Custom Approach

Sometimes when you choose Free Themes, you won’t be able to perform customization in it due to restrictions. Therefore, it is suggested to pick out a premium theme in case you wish to perform alterations later.

Also, you can hire WordPress developer to build a theme from scratch. It will be a cost-effective approach while offering you the best of results.

3. SEO-friendly

Search engine optimization is a technique to make your website visible on different search engines like Google etc. Every one of us practices looking for services or product vendors online by starting a simple search on search engines.

What if you have not prepared your website to crawl on Google? You will definitely be losing on a huge amount of organic web traffic.

Talking about themes, they play a vital role in making your whole WordPress site SEO-friendly. A poorly coded HTML for your theme can badly affect your whole business.

So, it is essential to analyze the source code of themes. As mentioned earlier, choosing a premium theme will help you to gain insights into whether pages are optimized for SEO or not.

4. Mobile-friendly

Due to the increasing usage of smartphones, responsive or mobile-friendly web design has become the most followed trend amongst vendors.

If you are developing a website, you ultimately have no control over how it will be viewed; you won’t be deciding on which device or connection it is opening.

Therefore, you need to make sure your website is able to resize itself according to different screen sizes available in the market.

And, choosing a theme that is built on keeping responsiveness in mind is the best approach.

5. Community Support

Using any theme may lead to some complexities during the development process. At that time, it is very important that there is a developer’s community support available who have developed the theme.

As they are well aware of all the ins and out of theme so they will guide in the best possible way.

To wrap things up, I would say that choosing a theme for your WordPress website is a crucial step. It acts as a foundation of your online presence. It holds power to make, break, and scale your website in the future.

So, you need to be prepared for future aspects as well. All the areas mentioned in this article are obligatory for any kind of online site.

They aren’t industry specific. Create a checklist of these and then look for a theme. You will end up at a great decision.

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